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VSA 9.5.2

  • I see 9.5.2 is now out, has anyone tried it out yet? Any feedback?

  • Im interested to hear what people say. I cant get it for my On-Prem servers yet.

  • this is the first i am hearing about it

  • To be clear, as of this writing, 9.5.2 has ONLY been released to a subset of SaaS Servers on 11/14/2020.  If it is determined that this release does not have any issues which might adversely affect customers, the release will continue on the remainder of SaaS this Saturday, 12/21...

    Phase 2 will go through a similar assessment to determine the expansion of environments upgraded results in anything new, before being released for on prem customers on the Monday after Thanksgiving.


  • Do we have any information on the the maintenance window and impact for his weekend? I assume you meant this Saturday 11/21 not 12/21. I have not see anything come out yet.

  • 30-40 OSx Systems on our instance just PUFF disappeared after the update. we've had a ticket open with support for over a week and nothing has been done. The client is wondering where their machines are since they are used to getting weekly reports and the machines have been missing from their reports. Every day we are more and more disappointed in the OSX support and features of the VSA and support responsiveness.

  • that's an extreme situation.  However, I would like to say; the majority of RMM solutions are having problems with MacOS lately. Starting with Catalina, I haven't found anything that works 100% besides JAMF.

    Nothing else seems to work on Big Sur.

    My guess is you'll have to manually uninstall and reinstall the agents on each of those 30-40 Macs. :(