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Announcement on VSA release ( patch (On-Premise only)

  • Well i am really disappointed, we too have lots not working and the standard reply from support is apply the .18 which will not be available, a month of this is not acceptable.

  • - Your update isn't really an update. It's just repeating an old message that's now 2 days past it's expiry date. And as we have had to put up with, silence on the reasons for this.

    I can only echo I don't find this acceptable at all and the great new monthly roll-out to me is a bit of a joke and a failure. Kaseya is no Microsoft and I'm not sure I like it's behaving like Microsoft....

  • What does this mean for On-Prem deployments? That page, although it has been updated, doesn't say when it's actually coming out. We have many agents that have broken procedures and backups because of this and the time it's taking to fix this is crazy.

  • I have to echo the thoughts of everyone else here.  I entered 2016 really being a fan of Kaseya, having used it for 6 years prior.  But I've seen little improvements to the product in the last 3 years beyond the rollout of live connect (which wasn't so much an improvement as it was a much needed face lift)  

    On the support side I find myself having to routinely having to engage management to get things done

    We, fortunately, are not suffering from this update like the rest of the people here mainly because we stopped trusting the updates 2 years ago and no longer will update until it's been out for 2-3 weeks in most cases.

    You guys have a good core product, in desperate need of oversight and quality control testing.  You can do better than this, i know you can.   And I want to be able to be a fan boy again, instead of telling people it's the devil you know versus the devil you don't.

  • Exactly. I could not agree with this last post more.

    Come on guys, pull your fingers out.

  • Here are my 29 machines that have been shamed into believing that the are "less than 2003".  Sad

  • The combined VSA updates for January ( and February ( are ready for release as a single release title.

    Existing SaaS instances will receive the patch during their regularly scheduled maintenance window on March 2nd.

    On-Premise customers who have installed are encouraged to upgrade to the latest release, which will be made available for On-premise customers on March 4th.

  • Once again, on prem users get screwed over. Those of us worst affected have to wait longest.

    If the patch is ready, release it!!!!! Why the delay?

  • Screwed over? It is being released on a Monday which means Kaseya Support is available to assist for any issues. If the release on the 2nd and you have minor non aystem down issues you’ll wait 2 days for support and complain...
  • It's done this way so that SAAS users can act as a Q&A to hopefully catch any additional bugs that have been introduced by the extremely poor practice of tying bug fixes to new feature implementations.

    IMHO, as a former Director of R&D, this is just another example of the extremely poor planning & testing of the development team which is, of course, being driven by upper management setting unrealistic time-lines for implementing new features.

    We have outstanding issues, that are absolute deal breakers, which have been unresolved for over 2 years.  By the time Kaseya get's the message, and starts doing things the right way, it will be too late because large accounts like ours will have already replaced VSA.

  • I am happy to report that, after the SaaS maintenance this morning, the problem with OS detection appears to have been resolved. I had to upgrade the endpoint agent from to but as soon as the agent checked back in after the upgrade, the OS version went from "<2003" to "2008".

  • that idea was obviously a failure since that WAS the release cadence for patch .18.

    Not only was it poor planning and testing, it was also a poor response - making everyone wait a month for a fix.

    We are using the next 12 months to find a replacement for Kaseya.

  • Oscar, we are still running the .19 on our on premise VSA do we first need to downgrade?

  • Well, patch release notes are published. help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp ...still no sign of the patch being available on my VSA. I suppose the release date is now base don when it's released to cloud users. I continue to wait.

  • No downgrade is needed.  You would just install this on the VSA.