Kaseya Community Patch Release - 29 December 2018

  • Hi Everyone!

    A VSA Patch has been released, You can view the notes here Patch Releases - 29 December 2018

    The VSA 9.5.0-17 release includes features and bug fixes. See these topics for details:

    Note: This release requires agent version Be sure to update your Windows, Mac, and Linux agents after installing this release.


    Live Connect & Remote Control

    • Remote Control and Live Connect will attempt to reconnect when a connection to a Windows or Mac endpoint is lost. (VSA-3489, VSA-2263)

      After upgrading the VSA, when launching Remote Control or Live Connect you will be prompted to upgrade to the latest version.  Please follow the link to upgrade in order to take advantage of the new features in this release.

      Optimal Use Cases:

      • The re-connection is designed to work if the app session has not yet expired; this is determined by system settings in the VSA. Reconnect will not be attempted if there is a Live Connect session open but no Remote Control session. Reconnect will be attempted once a minute for up to 5 minutes, after which the session will display "session lost" if connection could not be re-established.
      • Live Connect is designed to connect to one open window at a time. Opening multiple remote control windows on a single Live Connect admin to the same endpoint may reconnect but the previous window may not, and closing the second window might result in the application not responding.

      Note: If Remote Control and Live Connect sessions are open to machine when connection is lost, the Live Connect session is designed to stay connected while the Remote Control session cycles through a reconnection process.  During this time, the data will remain static. Upon re-load and reconnection, full functionality and data will be restored and brought up to date with no user action needed.

    Software Management Module

    • Within Policy Management, Software Management policies will now be merged when multiple policies are assigned to machines. The policy that is positioned at the top of the list in the policy management assignment window will now take precedence in the case of any conflicts when assigning policies. Also, existing profiles will not be overridden by blank profiles. (VSA-2667)
    • The blackout windows in the deployment profile have been enhanced with additional options: (VSA-435)
      • Each window will have start and stop times
      • Each time will have day options of: Daily, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thru, Fri, Sat, Sun, M-F, S-S
      • Each time will have a time variable
    • Users now have the ability to import and export all Software Management profiles through Import Center. (VSA-446)
    • Added verbiage to the pending action errors to better explain why the error occurred. If an error occurs, the action label has been changed from 'Deploying' to 'Deploying Error' and a new expandable row has been added to display additional debugging information sent back from the endpoint. (VSA-281)

    BMS Integration

    • Moved the setting for auto-close alarms and tickets from System ->Server Management -> Configure to System -> Server Management -> Default settings. This allows the setting to now be configured on a tenant, rather than on the master partition. An additional setting was also added in Default Settings to allow BMS Integration to be configured at the org level. By default, auto-close is enabled for all organizations on a tenant so that users do not require any additional configuration when syncing an org to BMS unless the user chooses to disable auto-close for a given org. (VSA-737)

    Antivirus Module

    • Upgraded Kaspersky Engine to 10 SP2 MR3. (VSA-1771)

    Agent - Linux

    • Modified the logging of Execute File Agent Procedure step to include more information. (VSA-3578)

    Security Audit

    • An enhancement has been added to notify master administrators with an email when new master admins are created or other users are promoted to master. Note, Kaseya Security is notified any time an attempt to create a 'Kaseya Support' account is identified. (VSA-3595)
    • Edge logs now include the URL and User Agent for HTTP traffic. (VSA-3575)
    • Endpoint and Edge logs will now compress and store up to 30 days worth of logs by default. (VSA-616)

    Bug Fixes

    Agent - Windows, Linux, and OS X

    • Fixed an issue where updating agents from VSA 9.4 to 9.5 was failing. (VSA-3617)

    BMS Integration

    • Implemented a ticket limit to prevent VSA / BMS integration from sending tickets older than a week. Also added checks to avoid duplicate tickets. (VSA-3299)

    Classic Monitoring Module

    • Enhanced the suspend alarm policy to compare scheduled times and not the days selected. In some cases, the scheduled day can be changed by a process to accommodate schedules in the past, and was causing false out of compliance results. (VSA-3045)
    • Added more logging in monitor alarm processing to capture additional information on alarm actions. (VSA-383)

    Antivirus Module

    • Fixed an issue which would cause all KAV/KAM endpoints to show an error during the security daily job if any one of the agents was not provisioned with KAV/KAM. (VSA-342)

    Data Collector

    • Fixed an issue that was causing archiving to generate empty folders with no data in them. (VSA-1732)

    Agent Procedures Module

    • Linux and Mac agents do not support the kworking/system secure directory. Only Windows agents support it. This fix changes the test credentials agent procedure to use kworking\system for Windows, and just kworking for Mac and Linux. This fixes the issue on Mac, but there is still a known issue with Linux, that will be addressed with VSA-3847 in upcoming sprints. (VSA-3762)

    Live Connect UI

    • Fixed an issue in Live Connect where no results were displayed when users attempted to view search history. (VSA-3145)

    Database & Schema

    • Improved performance and speed of the Agent Status Page (Manage Agent) by adding indexes to make loading of the page more efficient. (VSA-562)

    VSA Core

    • Fixed an issue where Linux machines were not being identified in views. They will now be identified as servers or workstations based on how they're categorized by the agent. The default label will be a server unless the agent specifies it's a workstation. (VSA-536)

    System Module

    • In server management, when an email address is required for user name, admins are now able to change a username from one email to another. (VSA-539)

  • Well it's a few days late for a Christmas present, but I won't complain! The fixes to Software Management address most of the items we reported earlier this year, including the policy merge issue that we felt was truly hindering S-M automation.

    I've already updated our Dev platform and will start testing the S-M automation in earnest in a few days. I can't wait to give it another go!


  • We found a bug in the new SM: if you have a daily blackout window set in deployment policy, the spelling of the word Thursday is incorrect, this breaks the deployment policy.

    Raised ticket #333973

  • Since upgrading to I am not able to use File Manager or command shell. The window just sits there with the Kaseya logo and the three spots fading in and out.  

    Anyone else having this problem?

  • Hi  -  You don't actually mean, do you? Since the latest patch is, why would you try to run something that old and unpatched? I admit to not remembering that issue, but we took some time to start with 9.5 and I think our first patch level was or *.8. If that was an issue it would surely have been patched by then.... So, patch and enjoy!

  • Post patch Live Connect (File Manager, Event Viewer, Command Shell, etc) just spins but Live Connect Remote Control Connects. Several techs reporting the issue - Opening a support ticket now....

  • FYI - from Kaseya Support: "This is a reported issue in .17 patch. A workaround is to uninstall the existing old live connect app, download a new one and install it."

    Have verified that his fixed the issue.