Hi Everyone,

VSA patch has been released. Please see below for the latest information:

Virtual System Administrator™

  • The agent version is updated to (NINEFIVEPT-607)
  • Improved stability of the Kaseya Server by optimizing how agent procedures utilize memory. In addition, the getVariable step is amended to allow a maximum upload file size of 25 MB. For more information, refer to the following documentation: http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/EN/VSA/9050000/#4910.htm. (EES-2069/NINEFIVEPT-613)
  • Reduced memory usage when the Kaseya Edge service is heavily loaded and implemented performance enhancements. (NINEFIVEPT-606/EES-2132)
  • Enhanced logging to track agent name changes executed by naming policies. (NINEFIVEPT-614/EES-2054)
  • Enhanced performance and security through the updates of cURL and OpenSSL libraries for endpoints. (NINEFIVEPT-576/EES-2494)
  • When running custom agent installs, installation folder paths containing spaces would be incorrectly parsed resulting in folders being created with shortened folder names. This has been corrected. (NINEFIVEPT-553/EES-2197)
  • When attempting to set credentials using the machine’s current domain option, the credential test would continue to fail. This is now corrected. (NINEFIVEPT-615/SDP-4390)
  • Fixed an issue where a master account would not be able to see agent procedures in private folders owned by other master accounts if Show shared and private folder contents from all users is set. (NINEFIVEPT-601/SDP-4303)
  • Corrected the System Purchase Date and System Warranty Expire Date columns to display only dates, not both dates and times. (NINEFIVEPT-548/SDP-4380)
  • Fixed a discrepancy where agents’ last reboot times on the VSA differed from their actual reboot times. (NINEFIVEPT-508/EES-1623)


  • Agent times in the messages of the Alarm Summary function now honors daylight savings time. (NINEFIVEPT-600/DISMON-2248)
  • Changes to intervals in monitor sets will now automatically restart the collector on endpoints to reflect the configured thresholds. (NINEFIVEPT-594/DISMON-1995)

Software Management

  • Updated Lumension binaries for agents. This works in tandem with the latest Software Management scripts and packages. (NINEFIVEPT-609/EES-2497) (NINEFIVEPT-599/SDP-4378)
  • Fixed an issue that caused patches that did not require a reboot to remain in an Installing state, even after deployment was completed. (NINEFIVEPT-592/SDP-3456)

Cloud Backup

  • If the backup destination was set to Cloud, backups would default to running full backups at all times. Incremental backups are now the default backup scheme. (NINEFIVEPT-627/EXT-3845)

Service Desk

  • Fixed an issue which prevented tickets from being linked. (NINEFIVEPT-618/EXT-3684)

Info Center

  • Added a new report part that publishes Live Connect-specific actions from Agent Logs > Technician Logs > Live Connect. (NINEFIVEPT-511/SDP-4288)

Technology Alliance Program

  • When no values were configured for custom fields in the application installer, a dialog would warn about an object reference not being set. This has been corrected. (NINEFIVEPT-617/APPF-3403)
  • Fixed an issue where the Access Rights tree in user roles configuration was displaying installed third-party applications for all tenants. (NINEFIVEPT-598/APPF-3362)

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