Kaseya Community Patch Release - 17 April 2018

  • Hey Guys,

    Here is the latest information on the most current VSA R9.5 Patch:


    Virtual System Administrator™

    • When setting the default type for remote control to KRC, it would revert back to RDP after opening Quick View. This has been fixed. (NINEFIVEPT-517/SDP-3163)
    • Addressed an issue where master / system role users were not able to access screen recordings. The screen recordings page will now successfully populate. (NINEFIVEPT-562/SDP-4349)
    • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, auto-signing agent procedures would cause the Kaseya Service to crash. (NINEFIVEPT-514/EES-2469)
    • Fixed an issue where undeclared variables in the WriteDirectory path in an agent procedure would cause the Kaseya Service to crash. (NINEFIVEPT-561/EES-2482)
    • Fixed an issue where, if an endpoint’s VSA certificate is deleted, the Endpoint service will crash on restart. Any endpoints that encounter this issue will now reprovision upon finding that the certificate is not available. (NINEFIVEPT-495/EES-1307)
    • Improved Kaseya Edge service performance by eliminating unneeded relayed connections in P2P scenarios. (NINEFIVEPT-583/EES-2353)
    • In rare cases, a reapply schema error would be thrown if the oldest master account was ‘kaseyasupport’. This is now resolved. (NINEFIVEPT-516/APPF-3230)
    • Executive Summary reports will now display Windows Server 2016 agents as servers instead of workstations. (NINEFIVEPT-525/APPF-2745)
    • Deleting large amounts of agents in a single execution will no longer cause the Kaseya Sync service to hang and leave agents in an offline state. (NINEFIVEPT-539/APPF-3220)

    Live Connect

    • Resolved an issue where Live Connect would return with a 404 error when connecting to an agent. (NINEFIVEPT-517/SDP-3163)
    • When no user is logged on at the time of running an Extensions file, Live Connect will now properly display a message indicating that no user is logged in. (NINEFIVEPT-498/AF-3406)
    • When in a remote control session, logging off an account will no longer end the session. Remote control sessions will remain connected through unsaved application prompts and log on windows. (NINEFIVEPT-418/AF-2852)


    • Rediscovering a previously deleted device through a network scan will now re-alert the user. (NINEFIVEPT-560/DISMON-2206)


    • An error gets thrown when attempting to close an alarm from the Alarms tab in Agent Monitoring Logs. This is now resolved. (NINEFIVEPT-481/DISMON-2189)

    Policy Management

    • Resolved an issue where if no third party software profile were set in Software Management, it would cause policies to go out of compliance. (NINEFIVEPT-570/SDP-4163)
    • Addressed a regression where compliance checking would mark a policy as out-of-compliance if it contains a scheduled agent procedure. (NINEFIVEPT-586/SDP-4452)

    Patch Management

    • Resolved an issue associated with patches not appearing for the latest Windows 10 Version 1709 cumulative update. Re-running a new patch scan will retrieve the latest updates. (NINEFIVEPT-571/SDP-4129)

    Antivirus / Anti-Malware

    • Fixed an issue where an error would be thrown if scheduling a scan to a day higher than the 12th month and is applied to a machine utilizing military time (24-hour clock). (NINEFIVEPT-497/EXT-2615)
    • When upgrading from VSA 9.4 to VSA 9.5, Kaseya Antivirus (KAV) and Kaseya Antimalware (KAM) would fail to deploy due to packages being recreated repeatedly. This is now corrected. (NINEFIVEPT-521/EXT-3605)
    • Addressed an issue where initial quick scans would fail to complete if scan date fields were empty. (NINEFIVEPT-541/EXT-3035)

    Cloud Backup

    • When the newly released Acronis Active Protection is enabled on endpoints, the last backup date column would stop being updated. This is now addressed to continue updating the last backup date regardless if Active Protection is enabled. (NINEFIVEPT-585/EXT-3530)
    • Added support for backup schemes for network share and local folder destinations thereby allowing fulls and incrementals to be configured. (NINEFIVEPT-506/EXT-3427)

    Info Center

    • The OS pie chart in the Info Center dashboard will now list machine names for Windows 10 and Server 2016 operating systems. (NINEFIVEPT-373/DISMON-2055)

    Technology Alliance Program

    • In multi-tenant environments, new tenants now have the ability to install TAP modules by default. (NINEFIVEPT-582/APPF-3346)
  • Both of my open issues were fixed in this update. I can once again schedule both Patch Scans and Updates via Policy Management.

    The other issue caused kserver.exe to crash when several agents ran a procedure that attempted to read a registry value that did not exist. After applying the update, a test procedure that reads an invalid registry path now properly fails in the procedure without affecting the kserver service.