We have released patch http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/EN/RN/#40254.htm

Security Fix

Virtual System Administrator™

  • Endpoint fabric will now prioritize local machines (i.e., on the same network) in order to enable peer to peer connection. (NINEFOURPT-793/AF-3256)
  • Kaseya Edge Service now gracefully handles the messaging queue service restarting, which would previously cause endpoint message processing to halt. (NINEFOURPT-731/AF-3213)
  • Corrected an issue where closing Service Desk tickets would not unlock the ticket properly. (NINEFOURPT-581/EXT-3172)
  • Corrected an issue where certain IIS headers may block endpoint packages from being downloaded onto agents. This only affects the Kaseya VSA Installer. (NINEFIVEPT-491/APPF-3232)

Live Connect

  • Live Connect will now no longer display an error code if a BIOS release date entry is null. (NINEFOURPT-832/SDP-3990)
  • Extending from previous search fixes (AF-2673), added support for spaces and typed filters such as org: and group:. (NINEFOURPT-802/AF-3278)
  • Improved clipboard syncing by checking for sync failures. Copying and pasting is now more consistent. (NINEFOURPT-796/AF-2809)
  • In Windows 10, Events would display an event description differently from the endpoint’s actual description in the Event Viewer. This is now corrected. (NINEFOURPT-789/EES-2055)

Software Management

  • Scans now have built-in capability to retry if the queue becomes busy. This allows multiple scans to complete without errors. (NINEFOURPT-831/SDP-4222)
  • Added support for data filtering for the following reports: Number Compliant, Number Vulnerability, and Percent of Machines Vulnerable. (NINEFOURPT-818/SDP-4101)
  • Machine group filters are now respected when managing Scan and Analysis and Deployment profiles. (NINEFOURPT-814/SDP-4086)
  • Deployments will now honor selected views so that agents outside of such scope are not erroneously deployed as well. (NINEFOURPT-810/SDP-4014)
  • Added a check to prevent JSON files from being deleted during active deployment which would otherwise lead to “File Not Found” errors. (NINEFOURPT-812/SDP-4030)
  • Implemented maintenance to clean up Software Management jobs older than 60 days. (NINEFOURPT-808/SDP-4015)
  • Corrected a behavior where canceling a pending deployment, it would not properly clear the Patch In Progress flag. (NINEFOURPT-805/SDP-4012)
  • When a batch of patches are importing and if an unknown error occurs with a single patch, it will no longer halt the entire operation. (NINEFOURPT-803/SDP-4013)
  • SaaS environments will now allow view of all 10 vulnerable machines on the Top 10 Vulnerable Machines chart in the dashboard. NINEFOURPT-801/SDP-3992)
  • Corrected a query issue where an error is being thrown when updating the patch impact the very first time that product titles are being imported into the database. (NINEFOURPT-798/SDP-3986)
  • Improved performance of scans by increasing thread usage. (NINEFOURPT-733/EES-1955) (NINEFOURPT-792/SDP-3708)
  • Improved efficiency by initially creating packages for available OS versions already installed on the VSA server. (NINEFOURPT-790/SDP-3926)
  • Closing the pending actions dialog will now refresh the page to ensure the latest update is available for viewing. (NINEFOURPT-777/SDP-3982)

We have also released a patch for 9.5.05 and respectively.



+ 9.3
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