Kaseya Community Patch Releases - 26 October 2017 (Rollup and Re-Release of

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    We released Patch late last night - as this patch only corrected an issue with reapply schema in - the release notes remain primarily unchanged and are rolledup as one. The index navigation link will be corrected soon and I will update this thread when complete.

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/#38510.htm and Patch Releases - 26 October 2017

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • The agent version is updated to (NINEFOURPT-668)
    • Corrected an issue where the Agent and Agent Endpoint services will crash when a dependent registry key is missing. (NINEFOURPT-631/EES-1347)
    • Audit will now correctly identify which country an IP address is associated with. IP records will need to be imported again to correct any stored IP information in the database via http://{VSA IP Address or Hostname}/SystemTab/dlMaint.aspx using the "Import IP Records" button. (NINEFOURPT-662/APPF-2929)
    • Executive Summary reports are now properly aligned in the center. (NINEFOURPT-659/APPF-2500)
    • Policy deployment is now no longer dependent on licenses being valid. (NINEFOURPT-630/SDP-3051)
    • Live Connect logs will now properly display under Technician Logs > Live Connect after correctly reading agent GUIDs. (SDP-2994/NINEFOURPT-629)
    • Select All under System > Check-in Policy will now properly select all machine groups. (NINEFOURPT-627/APPF-2515)
    • SQL Schema Installs will now work on native foreign OSes including German, Russian, and French. (NINEFOURPT-625/APPF-2503)
    • The device rename dialog in Discover > Discovered Devices will now display text properly. (NINEFOURPT-622/DISMON-1712)
    • Application exclusions in Policy Management will now exclude properly. (NINEFOURPT-619/SDP-2080)
    • Deleting tickets under the Delete/Archive function will now properly delete. (NINEFOURPT-615/EXT-3223)
    • Running a send alert agent procedure across multiple machines will no longer result in alerts being created for incorrect machines. (NINEFOURPT-607/DISMON-1824)
    • An owner of a view can now properly see all users that have access and consequently revoke if needed. (NINEFOURPT-606/APPF-2427)
    • Upgrading from earlier versions of Discovery will no longer prevent the deletion of discovered devices. (NINEFOURPT-144/ DISMON-1269)
    • Corrected the behavior of rejecting an acceptable value when running a PUT in /system/orgs/orgId. (NINEFOURPT-611/APPF-2642)

    Software Management

    • Improved performance of Software Management scans by restructuring queries required when overrides are used. (NINEFOURPT-667/SDP-3718)
    • Improved performance of patch analysis results by reducing amount of cycles needed to report back to messaging queue. (NINEFOURPT-666/SDP-3709)
    • Improved performance of patch analysis by utilizing caching on SQL Server. (NINEFOURPT-666/SDP-3679)
    • Corrected an instance where daily imports from the Lumension Cloud Service would remove vulnerability overrides. (SDP-3810/NINEFOURPT-689)
    • Patches that are ready to be deployed will now appropriately display “Ready” instead of “Scheduled”. (NINEFOURPT-651/SDP-3619)
    • Failed third party patch deployments will now properly display an error icon. (NINEFOURPT-664/SDP-3671)

    Cloud Backup

    • QEMU-based machines will now be properly detected as virtual machines instead of physical machines. (NINEFOURPT-582/EXT-2448)
    • Cloud Backup now supports viewing data consumption per backup group. (NINEFOURPT-586/EXT-3062)
    • Cloud Backup now supports licensing by the total amount of storage used. Customers can use this method of licensing instead of the default method of licensing by the number of agent licenses used. Contact your Kaseya account representative for pricing information.
      • The Licensing dialog now displays licensing information by storage amounts, if this method of licensing is used.
      • New storage information columns have been added to the Backup Groups page to support storage licensing.
      • A new 'Storage License Limit Reach' alert type has been added to the Cloud Backup > Settings > Licensing Alerts page. If checked, an alert is triggered when the total amount of storage used exceeds your licensed amount. Acronis does not prevent backups if the storage limit is exceeded, but you may incur additional costs for going over your licensed storage limit. (NINEFOURPT-587/EXT-3064)
    • Depending on the Cloud Backup license subscribed, the licensing dialog will now show the storage limit or licenses remaining. (NINEFOURPT-588/EXT-3065)

    Service Desk

    • Running Service Desk reports no longer require the master role. (NINEFOURPT-656/APPF-2906)
    • Service Desk ticket counts will now be properly calculated in search results in the notification bar. (NINEFOURPT-620/APPF-2851)

    Live Connect

    • Live Connect will no longer improperly invalidate its token after a certain period of time requiring logging in frequently. (NINEFOURPT-576/AF-2920)
    • Remote control sessions will now properly relinquish keyboard control whenever a key is held down while switching window focus. (NINEFOURPT-642/AF-1883)
    • Subsequent remote control sessions will no longer preventing typing in text fields. (NINEFOURPT-614/AF-2700)
    • Caps lock may now be turned on and off when remotely connected to Mac-based machines. (NINEFOURPT-603/AF-2883)


    • Fixed an issue which caused Anti-Malware profile assignment to fail if a full scan scheduled date time was set to a day higher than the 12th of the month on environments with international date time settings. (NINEFOURPT-626/EXT-2615)
    • Reboot flags will no longer appear erroneously if KAM does not require a reboot. (NINEFOURPT-612/EXT-3045)


    • Excluding a trusted application will now also globally exclude network traffic settings. (NINEFOURPT-617/EXT-2190)
    • Adding global exclusions to a large deployment will no longer result in “Could not parse response from server” errors. (NINEFOURPT-610/EXT-2176)


    • Agent groups in the AuthAnvil module will now reflect manual agent name changes in Agent > Manage Agents. (NINEFOURPT-624/IAMV-5236)

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