Kaseya Community Patch Releases - 27 July 2017

  • Hi All,

    We have just released patch

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/#38495.htm Patch Releases - 27 July 2017

    Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

    Policy Management

    • Fixed an issue that caused the 'Compliance Check Schedule' and other schedules to be lost after changing the 'Automatic Policy Deployment Interval' option on the Settings page. (NINEFOURPT-524/SDP-3091)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the 'Automatic Policy Deployment Interval' option from being saved. (NINEFOURPT-524/SDP-3164)

  • NB: the patch release notes for .26 at help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp point to the .25 notes.

  • Tongue Tied

    After the debacle of patch 24 and all of the trouble that has caused for us, I think we will be holding off until folk braver than us have implemented this to see what else gets destroyed following installation.

  • - Agreed!  

  • Doesn't look like this one addresses the Agent view refresh or LiveConnect authentication bugs?   They are driving us batty!

  • Can you throw in ticket numbers for both the agent view refresh and Live Connect auth bug? I'd like to make sure of where the issues stand today.

  • Refreshing bug I have open as #180968.   I never did open a ticket for the LC bug as I already saw plenty of people referring to it here and that Kaseya had posted a workaround KB at: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../115009218967-Live-Connect-does-not-display-all-icons-after-9-4-0-21-patch

  •  - Can you please add me to ticket #180968 as well?  Having to refresh the browser window when changing Views is getting to be a PITA.

  • Here too please . Can you add me to ticket #180968. This is driving our guys up the wall now. Please PM me if you need contact details.

  • Also noticing that clicking the column headers to sort/filter also breaks in the same situation.  It appears that it's sorting by the column but it's actually not.  A refresh fixes it, but if you live in the system it gets old fast.

  • Absolutely. If this is your primary tool, it sometimes feels like it's just one more nail in the coffin.

  • Anybody else having this issue with KLC after patching to .23 or later:

    Only half of the top row is shown, at least ctrl-alt-ins works so you can login.

    Fix: http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/145/t/23380.aspx

    found the fix
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