Kaseya Community Patch Releases - 19 July 2017

  • Hi All,

    We have just released Patch

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#38474.htm Patch Releases - 19 July 2017

    Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Fixed an issue with the Configuration Changes log showing a blank log entry when an agent is moved to a new machine group. (NINEFOURPT-477/SDP-1858)
    • Ensured alerts are generated for additional drives that enter a low disk condition. (NINEFOURPT-425/DISMON-1055)
    • SSRS 2012+ now renders Excel as .xlsx instead of .xls (NINEFOURPT-467/APPF-2504)
    • Optimized the downloading of large files from Live Connect to prevent locking up the app. (NINEFOURPT-474/EES-10603)
    • Fixed an issue causing crashes on Mac machines when trying to use Live Connect. (NINEFOURPT-483/AF-2782)
    • The HTTP Tunneling option has been removed from the Live Connect > SSH page. (NINEFOURPT-359/AF-2589)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented downloading a GetFile document using the Quickview > Get File option, after installing patch (NINEFOURPT-481/SDP-3101)
    • Deleting tickets using the Ticketing > Delete/Archive page now removes corresponding records from the ticrequest and ticRequestTicket database tables. (NINEFOURPT-421/EXT-1803)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the creation of the appropriate database views when importing customer content packs using the Import Center. (NINEFOURPT-464/APPF-2541)

    Cloud Backup

    • Added extra validation to prevent machines from disappearing from the Acronis website when the same Acronis account is used in multiple VSAs. (NINEFOURPT-478/EXT-2912)
    • Fixed an issue displaying the correct last harvest time on the dashboard. (NINEFOURPT-503/EXT-3055)
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Cloud Backup > Monthly Storage Usage report part from returning data from the Acronis website. (NINEFOURPT-484/EXT-2881)
    • Added an 'Uninstalled By User' alert to notify administrators that a user has uninstalled the Cloud Backup client from the agent. (NINEFOURPT-245/KCB-410)

    Policy Management

    • Fixed an issue that caused agent procedures assigned by policy to be rescheduled unpredictably, and not be flagged as out of compliance. (NINEFOURPT-466/LI-304)

    Service Desk

    • Updated a Service Desk procedure to correctly add a note to a ticket only if the summary matched an argument passed to the procedure and the ticket had no related tickets. (NINEFOURPT-403/APPF-2276)
    • Fixed an issue with auto-closing of alert-generated Service Desk tickets not working on some systems. (NINEFOURPT-387/EXT-2101)

    Software Management

    • Software Management now requires agent version or later. (NINEFOURPT-489/SDP-3053)
    • A new 'Disconnect from Patch Mgmt' button has been added to the Software Management > Machines page. (NINEFOURPT-487/SDP-2916)
      • A newly added 'Attached to Patch Management' column indicates if an agent is currently being managed by Patch Management.
      • Selecting the 'Disconnect from Patch Mgmt' button disconnects selected agents from being managed by Patch Management.
      • Selected machines managed by Patch Management because of a Policy Management policy are ignored when using this button.
    • Removed support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 machines in Software Management. (NINEFOURPT-495/SDP-3115)

    Non-Critical Issues For Customers To Patch When Convenient

    • Fixed an issue with unscrollable drop-down menus in Live Connect Mobile. (NINEFOURPT-360/AF-2579)

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  • Wow, good fixes. Lots of good fixes.

    Just a note, this update has HAMMERED our SQL server - and generated a couple of hundred low disk space emails to come through - with more still arriving continuously.

    If you have a heap of agents, be sure to allow plenty of time to run this patch, as it looks like your SQL will be punished.

  • Since installing patch, we are getting a batch of 10 emails every few minutes alerting on low disk space on various agents. These are duplicate emails each time [the same 10 systems being alerted on] and are becoming very annoying.

    I note that changes were made to the alerting code in this patch. From the patch notes:

    Ensured alerts are generated for additional drives that enter a low disk condition. (NINEFOURPT-425/DISMON-1055)

    I believe there is a bug in this code change that is causing the alerts to be constantly re-generated. I have opened a level 2 support ticket #197108

  • Is this the Disk Space Alarm (or whatever it is called) or Monitor Set threshold violations that are re-firing?

  • The disk space alarms are configured by  Monitor -> Alerts -> low disk monitor.

  • We are also seeing this same error with the low disk space alerts. I will ask support to reference your ticket number.

  • We are also experiencing the following which I have also posted to the KPM forum.

    Changing the policy deployment interval in KPM and clicking save disables outbound email (System > Outbound Email). When re-enabling outbound email, as you click the "Enable" button and the feature is re-enabled, the grid refreshes and displays the KPM policy deployment settings screen until the refresh is complete. In fact it seems to show this screen in the grid for any link from the left hand navigation tree under the System module until the grid refesh has completed.

    We can consistently re-produce this issue.

    Have raised a Sev 2 ticket # 197433.

    Added ticket number
    [edited by: JB1975 at 7:15 AM (GMT -7) on Jul 24, 2017]
  • We upgraded to 9.4 over the weekend and we also get this. Every 5 minutes I get a new alert and an email fires off.

  • , , , and  

    Thank you as always for your feedback.

    As  mentioned, the patch caused some issues with low disk alerts - reference ticket # 197134 for the interim fix.

    _ I am going to ask your ticket to be escalated.

  • Thanks for the quick response

  • We haven't updated yet, but what exactly are the low disk alert issues? Are they false alerts for agents that have no disk problems? or agents that aren't monitored and are now alerting?

  • They are actively monitored disk alerts below the threshold alerting every 5 minutes.  Our normal reset period is 24 hours so this should only be happening every 24 hours if the problem isn't addressed.

  • Same here, every 5 minutes...  We had to turn off e-mail generation for now...

  • I can confirm that support has a fix for the disk alerting problem. In my case they sent out some replacement SQL code which did fix the issue.

    I suggest you contact support and reference the issue as Nicholas Ponce has mentioned above.