Kaseya Community Patch Releases - 31 May 2017

  • Hello All,

    We have released patch

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/#38359.htm Patch Releases - 31 May 2017

    Agent Update

    The patch below requires updating the agent version to for Windows, Mac and Linux agents.

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Fixed an issue that prevented the writeFile() step in an agent procedure to not use LanCache. (NINEFOURPT-422/EES-1410)
  • Just one issue fixed since April 27th?

    We are waiting for a fix of "Patch reboot time not saved in policy" (Ticket #182169) and i'am sure there are many other urgent issues!

  • Yeah. What's that all about?

  • We are waiting for them to fix the bug where if one KRC window fails to open, when it closes the failed sessions it will also close all of your other active sessions.

  • I applied it 3 days ago. It seems to be for some fixes for Cloud Backup. Did not notice any change except that while deploying Cloud Backup it also prompt from Agent credentials.

  • To busy having a good time at Kaseya Connect?

    If you look at the patch release there are a number of fixes, but not the one in 9.4

    I can only assume all the ones in 9.3 are already fixed in 9.4, which makes you wonder why they were not fixed earlier in 9.3   Confused ! :-)

    This will probably be my last year paying maintenance fees to Kaseya as I am just not seeing the value at present.

  • We are already looking for an alternative solution! Our problems are not fixed for months and we can't fullfull our contracts with our customers.

  • Curious as to which solutions you have initial leans to.  Would you share?

  • Same here. I would also be very interested to hear which alternatives you are investigating.

  • Maybe not polite, but let me jump in here, since we also investigated 2 competitors in detail.... We did our comparison about half a year ago, when our Kaseya vibe was at an alltime low, but we really have no large complaints at this time and Kaseya has reached a very reasonable stability for us.

    One product we looked at was AEM (Autotask Endpoint Management), which ultimately was nowhere near as flexible, especially in monitoring, as Kaseya is. We did invest heavily in finely detailed monitor and alert sets and AEM can't  touch Kaseya in this regard. Their integration with Autotask is a real bonus, but we don't have any investments yet or great desire to do so, so for us this wasn't a great match. We did love their simple menu and putting the agent as the starting point for every action. In Kaseya you tend to switch around a lot and new users need a lot of time to get good at finding where what is....

    The next product we also looked at was MaxFocus, because we already use the Max Backup solution and are very happy with that. But, this product is nowhere near Kaseya in options to setup monitoring. Installation was also a bit iffy and not so reliable. So, this was a quick no-no.

    There was a third product, but that was discarded on the basis of their options. I'm not even sure which it was. We thought very briefly about the LabTech offering, but that wasn't a good option either. Maybe this helps.....