Hi All,

We have just released patch

http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#38187.htm Patch Release - 27 February 2017

Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

Virtual System Administrator™

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the agent to terminate when running an agent procedure with a getVariable() command that specified a long filename. (NINEFOURPT-213/EES-999)
  • Selected records in a grid will now correctly update the counts when a refresh occurs and there is a filter applied. (NINEFOURPT-275/AF-2323)
  • Fixed the display of an application error when clicking the Events tab of Live Connect. (NINEFOURPT-278/EES-175)
  • Fixed a scope issue for non-standard users that caused newly installed agents to not be visible in Live Connect and REST API functions. (NINEFOURPT-238/LI-375)
  • Fixed a 'Permission Denied' error when trying to access the Microsoft branch using the Registry page in Live Connect. (NINEFOURPT-264/EES-189)
  • Fixed an Application Error in Live Connect related to an invalid date time format, associated with installing the Kserver on an Italian Windows Server. (NINEFOURPT-279/EES-217)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented enabling Live Connect on Demand on a SaaS trial server. (NINEFOURPT-247/SDP-2021)
  • Rebooting an agent machine from the desktop within a Kaseya Remote Control session now displays a 'Session Ended' message. (NINEFOURPT-211/EES-205)
  • The agent version was updated to for Windows, Mac and Linux agents. (NINEFOURPT-283/EES-440)

Cloud Backup

  • You can now filter the 'Last Backup Column' on the Cloud Backup > Machines page using a drop-down list showing the following options: Not Scheduled, Successful, Failed, Delayed, Running,Canceled. (NINEFOURPT-276/ATTWO-2621)

Software Deployment and Update

  • Changes were made to prevent Software Deployment and Update deadlocks when running baseline audits and applying profiles via Policy Management. (NINEFOURPT-236/SDP-1862)

Tenant Management

  • Fixed a validation error that could occur when trying to set the Disable Ninite license limit for a tenant in Tenant Management. This license limit is available for customers who wish to use Software Deployment without Ninite Catalogs. (NINEFOURPT-262/APPF-2238)

Non-Critical Issues For Customers To Patch When Convenient

  • This fix ensures desktop objects within the Kaseya Remote Control window respond to click events immediately, without having to click the KRC window once to regain cursor focus. (NINEFOURPT-280/EES-191)