Kaseya Community Patch Release - 9 February 2017

  • Hi All,

    We have just released patch

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#38123.htm Patch Release - 9 February 2017

    Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Fixed an issue with returning the correct machine count on the Manage Agents page when filtering the page using the Credentials column filter. (NINEFOURPT-196/SDP-2024)
    • Fixed an 'error loading the dialog' message that could display when selecting the Agent > Manage Agents > Update Agents option. (NINEFOURPT-134/SDP-1344)
    • Fixed an issue with auto download failing when the 'Deploy Agent URL' link is accessed. (NINEFOURPT-139/SDP-1981)
    • Curl.exe was updated to fix an issue with agents not checking in when TLS 1.0 was disabled. (NINEFOURPT-201/END-2187)
    • Copying files from the VSA to agents could be slow when many such copies were in progress simultaneously. This has been fixed. (NINEFOURPT-161/VAKF-497)
    • Fixed an issue with using a view definition that filters by machine group when the number of machine groups exceeds 100. (NINEFOURPT-218/AF-2265)
    • Fixed an issue with audits of Japanese character strings using a Japanese VSA. (NINEFOURPT-162/SDP-1992)
    • Some installed programs that do not have an uninstall option were not being displayed in Audit Add/Remove. BackupAssist is one such program. This has been fixed. (NINEFOURPT-168/VAKF-605)
    • Manage variables now support values that include single and double quotes. (NINEFOURPT-166/SDP-1325)
    • Fixed an issue running an agent procedure using the createLocalUser() command on Yosemite / El Capitan Mac OS X. (NINEFOURPT-119/VAKF-796)
    • The Agent Procedure > Schedule / Create page now refreshes immediately when a machine group or view is selected, instead of requiring the page be refreshed manually. (NINEFOURPT-219/AF-2280)
    • Fixed an issue with shared sessions that caused KRC to sometimes show a black screen after CTRL+ALT+DEL was entered on the remote machine. Previously, the user would have to close KRC and reconnect to display the remote desktop correctly. (NINEFOURPT-203/END-2205)
    • Updated the title bar of Live Connect to display the VSA server name/IP address. (NINEFOURPT-216/END-2245)
    • Fixed an error that could occur when selecting the Live Connect > Asset > Log Viewer > Agent page. (NINEFOURPT-221/API-382)
    • A security vulnerability was removed. (NINEFOURPT-205/API-474)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented a custom extension from executing if there happened to be another file in use with the same name in the same directory. (NINEFOURPT-204/END-2170)
    • Fixed an issue with User Portal not honoring custom web server ports. (NINEFOURPT-239/ATTHREE-491)
    • User Portal menu items will now reflect all machine role settings. (NINEFOURPT-178/ATTHREE-496)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented non-master admins from renaming machine groups. (NINEFOURPT-106/APPF-1551)
    • In tenant partitions, the System > User History page now shows the user history for all users, not just System users. (NINEFOURPT-188/APPF-2056)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented opening a ticket using the Ticket link embedded in a notification email. (NINEFOURPT-227/ATTWO-1933)


    • Fixed an issue that caused profiles to show out of compliance after running Get Status. (NINEFOURPT-232/ATTWO-2172)
    • Fixed an error that displayed when generating a report that included the 'Active threats Count' column of the 'AV Monthly Count' report part. (NINEFOURPT-206/ATTWO-2231)

    Antivirus and Anti-Malware

    • Added support for Windows 2016 in Antivirus and Anti-Malware. (NINEFOURPT-223/ATTWO-2379)


    • Added support for SHA-256 when using Single Sign-On to log into VSA. (NINEFOURPT-180/IAMV-4982)


    • You can no longer disable passwords on the Backup Image page. (NINEFOURPT-127/BACKUP-85)
    • Fixed a timeout error displaying log files on the Backup Logs page, when a large number of backups are schedules to run. (NINEFOURPT-123/BACKUP-390)
    • The VSA > Backup client installer was upgraded to Acronis version 11.7-50214 in SaaS environments. (NINEFOURPT-157/ATTWO-2301)

    Cloud Backup

    • Added support for using Acronis Cloud Backup credentials that connect with the Acronis data center in Switzerland. (NINEFOURPT-173/KCB-413)
    • A security vulnerability was removed. (NINEFOURPT-156/KCB-412)


    • Fixed a timeout issue scanning Discovery domains when processing a large dataset. (NINEFOURPT-193/DISMON-1224)

    Endpoint Security

    • Fixed a 'Failed to Apply' profile message that displayed after the first reboot of a new install of Endpoint Security. (NINEFOURPT-231/ATTWO-1872)
    • Fixed a .NET version mismatch error that could cause Endpoint Security pages to fail to load. (NINEFOURPT-229/ATTWO-2143)
    • The Endpoint Security password is now required to access the 'Temporarily disable AVG protection' option on AVG 2016 clients. (NINEFOURPT-200/ATTWO-493)

    Enterprise Mobility Management

    • Clicking the help icon in the Mobility module now points to the 9.4 Mobility user guide. (NINEFOURPT-145/APPF-2097)

    Network Monitor

    • For all Network Monitor performance monitors that have instances, instances are now automatically scanned as soon as you add the monitor. (NINEFOURPT-181/KNM-785)

    Patch Management

    • Fixed an issue that prevented creating a patch policy when the VSA used the Japanese language pack. (NINEFOURPT-209/SDP-1240)
    • Windows 10 machines now show correct counts for installed patches in Patch Management. (NINEFOURPT-148/SDP-427)

    Service Desk

    • The following deprecated REST API resource routes have been added to 9.4. When a valid authenticated request is made to these routes, the response contains a Location header with the updated location for the resource. Most user agents will automatically reissue a request to the new URL in the Location header, returning a response from the new route without interruption to the client.
      • GET /automation/servicedesk - redirects to GET /automation/servicedesks
      • GET /automation/servicedesk{serviceDeskId}/tickets - redirects to GET /automation/servicedesks/{serviceDeskId}/tickets
      • GET /automation/servicedesk/{serviceDeskId}/ticketstatus - redirects to GET /automation/servicedesks/{serviceDeskId}/status

      These deprecated resources are not visible in Swagger in 9.4 but can continue to be used. (NINEFOURPT-212/API-535)"

    • Added a new SendPost() command to service desk procedures. The SendPost() creates a POST request and sends it to a specified URL. The request always sends the content you enter in json format. The target URL receives this string and processes it. (NINEFOURPT-207/ATTWO-2201)
      • If the command specifies a series of fields and values in json format, then running the command sends a POST request formatted as follows: 
        ""ServerName"":""<server name"",""ProcedureName"":""<procedure name>"", 
        ... }
      • If the command specifies just text, then running the command sends a POST request formatted as follows: 
        ""ServerName"":""<server name"",""ProcedureName"":""<procedure name>"", 
        ""PostData"":""<Text to be sent>""}

    Software Deployment and Update

    • Added missing indexes to reduce deadlocks. (NINEFOURPT-185/LI-352)
    • Fixed an issue adding the latest version of Adobe Reader DC to the local catalog. (NINEFOURPT-126/SDP-1757)

    Non-Critical Issues For Customers To Patch When Convenient

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • The following user interface improvements were made. (NINEFOURPT-159/ AF-2281)
      • When selecting multiple rows in a selector grid, the selection panel--which typically shows details when a single row is selected--now says 'n rows selected'.
      • The Agent > Screen Recordings page no longer displays a slightly cropped 'Total File Size' row when there are no items in the grid.
      • Clicking the X buttons for the Machine Group and View combo boxes in the machine group / view filter now redisplays the default watermarks <All Machine Groups> and <No View> values as expected.
    • Offline agents no longer display the 'Agent Mon' and 'Kaseya Endpoint' logs. (NINEFOURPT-176/SDP-1982)
    • Added Live Connect Mobile support for iOS and Android phone resolutions and other minor enhancements. (NINEFOURPT-222/AF-2339)
    • The agent version was updated to for Windows, Mac and Linux agents.


    • Applies to SaaS only. Fixed an issue with the postback event failing when logging on with 2FA enabled and providing a passcode. (NINEFOURPT-253/IAMV-5085)

    Desktop Management

    • Outdated links on the Desktop Management > Overview page were removed. (NINEFOURPT-146/NSM-1751)

    Service Billing

    • Fixed an issue that prevented exporting grid data from the Service Billing > Operations > Recurring Services page. (NINEFOURPT-251/APPF-2219)

    Network Monitor

    • The MIB Browser now displays the OID number in parentheses next to each OID name in the tree. (NINEFOURPT-174/KNM-548)
  • This is awesome. Great to see some legacy bugs such as the agent procedure/schedule refresh issue fixed.

    The KES fixes are also very timely.

    Great work, keep it up!!

  • I'm also excited about the procedure/schedule refresh being fixed.  Looks like some good stuff in this one.