Kaseya Community Patch Release - 29 November 2016

  • Hi All,

    We just released patch

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#37841.htm Patch Release - 29 November 2016

    Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • The REST API 'GET /assetmgmt/assets' now runs without error if machines are assigned to a non-default machine role. (PT-291/API-449)


    • If an attempt is made to SSO into Kaseya and the session expiration has been set beyond 2 hours, this ensures that a proper session will be created during the initial logon. (PT-268/IAMV-4351)


    • Fixed an issue causing pending actions in the AntiVirus module to hang. (PT-277/ATTWO-2102)
    • Antivirus license alerts are no longer generated when a license is automatically renewed. (PT-278/ATTWO-2100)
    • Fixed an issue with Antivirus action dialogs showing machines outside of the selected Antivirus filter. (PT-287/ATTWO-2021)

    Desktop Management

    • Fixed an issue with periodic Desktop Management audits failing. (PT-213/NSM-1746)

    Software Deployment and Update

    • Fixed a deadlock file issue that was preventing profiles from being applied to multiple machines. (PT-270/SDP-1792)
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Software Deployment and Recovery cleanup script to fail during reinstall schema. (PT-76/SDP-1206)
  • Anyone try this yet?

  • Yep, and so far so good. We only use Antivirus however, the other modules we don't have. Things are getting better every patch.