Kaseya Community Patch Release - 3 November 2016

  • Hi All,

    We just released Patched to production:

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#37665.htm Patch Release - 3 November 2016

    Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Fixed a 'procedure failed to run' error on the Live Connect > Assets > Procedures > Pending page when the Run Now button was clicked. (PT-244/API-437)
    • 'Summary updated' notes are no longer created each time a ticket's summary description is changed in Ticketing. (PT-251/ATTWO-1991)


    • Fixed an issue that removed an applied profile from machines when an exclusion was added to the profile using the Detections page. (PT-272/ATTWO-2091)
    • Antivirus components on a machine no longer display a failure status when the profile assigned to that machine is disabled. (PT-157/ATTWO-2076)
    • This patch marks the following trusted applications as system-created, if already user-created, and removes any redundant copies. 
      • C:\Program Files\Kaseya Live Connect\Kaseya.AdminEndpoint.exe 
      • C:\Program Files\Kaseya Live Connect\KaseyaLiveConnect.exe 

      This patch also removes the following system-created items added in a previous patch. 

      • <agent install directory>\Kaseya Live Connect\Kaseya.AdminEndpoint.exe 
      • <agent install directory>\Kaseya Live Connect\KaseyaLiveConnect.exe (PT-259/ATTWO-2066)
    • Fixed an issue with Antivirus licenses on endpoints not automatically renewing. (PT-266/ATTWO-2086)

    Data Backup

    • Added the ability to sort child tables on the Storage > Overview page. (PT-81/BACKUP-234)

    Network Monitor

    • Fixed an issue with Network Monitor quick reports not showing on the Reports > View page. (PT-206/KNM-970)

    Non-Critical Issues For Customers To Patch When Convenient

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Linux servers no longer show as workstations on the Executive Summary report. (PT-202/APPF-1772)

  • Now all my AV clients Profiles are in need of an update and are not updating their profiles.  What gives?

  • If any of you have installed this latest patch, have any new problems popped up yet?

  • Hi  

    Please get a support ticket in for this.

    If you have any issues getting support - please PM me directly.

  • We had to run a reinstall schema again. I've never had to do this except for the last two updates, shouldn't this be something that gets tested? Why are services not starting after the update.

  • We also had to re-apply the schema manually in our lab environment for both .21 and .22

  • How did you get a lab environment? Do you need an extra license from Kaseya?

  • I am interested in that too - sick of applying patches and breaking stuff.

  • We are using the same license on both Lab and Production servers.  The total license count is added together between the two systems.  We had to request this from support.

    The one problem with the lab environment is what I suspect is the same with QA testing.  We have 6000+ agents in production and only a handful in the lab.  There are a lot of "bugs" that I can't reproduce in the lab because we aren't fully loaded.

  • The problems with patch and for us were caused by using option 2 on Kinstall. That means a complete reinstall of the Kaseya software. That was the reason we had to do a Reapply Database Schema as well.

    On I used the first option to install the patch. That was a whole lot quicker as well, about 10 minutes I think, compared to the almost half an hour it took patch

  • Ticket 160382. Most endpoints have not been updated for 4 days and counting.....

  • Hi  

    Jacob from our Support team told me he reached out to you to confirm this was an issue we have identified with PSE and Development.

    I know that you have been waiting for a fix despite the ticket being created today, so I would recommend requesting if its possible to obtain the manual fix prior to its tentative release in

    For all who were inquiring about Lab Systems:

    If you want a Test/Lab System, please reach out to your customer success advocate to see if it's possible with your current License Key. ( If you are unsure who your Customer Success Advocate is please email success.team@kaseya.com)

    In regards to the Patch Installer options:

    Each option will perform a separate function as  referenced.

    Usually when applying only a patch it is recommended to apply the first option.

    reformatted and clarified
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