Kaseya Community Patch Release - 7 April 2016

  • Hi All,

    Patch was just released:


  • Can you elaborate on the Antivirus updates in please. I see a note that says "Note: This release reposts patches that were released in" - what does that mean exactly? Are the "fixes" in not really there or not applied properly?

  • Craig,

    Dana Epp, our CTO, touched on that in his post here:  community.kaseya.com/.../100416.aspx

  • bad wording... according to dana's post, the fixes weren't included in .16 so .17 isn't 're-posting' anything. I really liked the post from dana, but i'm beginning to feel like it was just a publicity stunt for support to have something to point at. my tickets were put on hold and i was directed to that post and then had it mentioned multiple times in a phone call.

    anyways, fingers crossed for .17

  • I can personally attest to .16 fixing some of our endpoints on our test server, not all.  

    So far .17 seems to have put this issue to rest - I will allow the next few days to confirm my findings.  

  • Oscar,

    Did you have to re-assign all your profiles for the updates to start working again?

  • I reassigned as instructed on the release notes - it's very simple to do.  I would caution as we have thousands of endpoints, to do it during off peak hours.