Kaseya Community Patch Release - 26 February 2016

  • Hi All,

    Patch was just released, and should be available now.

    Below is a link to the documentation of this patch:


  • For clarification:

    "Added AVG 2013 support for Windows 10. (IP-1658/ATTWO-1067)"

    R9.1 does not include AVG2013 though right?


    It should now be available on 9.1 with this referenced patch applied.

  • Does this mean R9.1 will use avg2013 for all versions of Windows, or will it maintain avg2012 for Windows versions below 10? Also does this mean the issues that r9.2 is having with avg2013 will apply now to r9.1? I believe others have mentioned issues applying profile in another thread.

    That does mean 9.1 will use AVG 2013 for all versions of Windows.

    The patch release also included some of the KAV fixes (database definitions issue / licensing issues) that have been present in 9.2, however, I am unsure if KES/AVG profile issue will impact 9.1.

    I would recommend creating a support ticket to get confirmation.