Kaseya Community Patch Release - 11 February 2016

  • Hi All,

    We just released patch


    As always, if you are in urgent need of a fix or trying to figure out the status of a fix - please create a support ticket.

  • Just wondering if anyone else continues to have an issue with patching in 9.2.  I just opened a ticket with support because after every patch we have had to…

    1.) Manually Reapply Schema….sometimes multiple times and sometimes with a reboot first

    2.) Manually restore AuthAnvil.xml in order to have access to our password server

    Neither of these are supper critical…they just mean applying a patch takes an hour instead of 10 minutes.

    I will update if I hear anything from support


  • :

    1.) I believe when selecting "install addons only. Do not upgrade VSA." in the kinstall it does not run reapply schema automatically so I use the "Hotfix and Reapply Database Schema" internet shortcut after the patch but I do not remember ever having to reboot the VSA server. Only our demo VSA which has the DB in the same machine as VSA wants to reboot after patching. If you select "Upgrade VSA to version available and install addons" then it should run reapply schema automatically.

    2.) We've had this problem too, usually also AuthAnvil needs to be fixed too. What version are you using?