Kaseya Community - Patch Release - Tentative 27 October 2015

  • Hi All,

    This patch should be released soon to correct the Logon policy issue which affects domain/portal access users in the VSA.

    This is a tentative date, pending any failures from our QA Process.

    If we do find any failures, we will update this thread moving forward.


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  • This patch was released today.

    Please update this thread if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this patch.

    clarifying status
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  • I was going to install this today to our production VSA server but it offers only the versions, we use that in our demo server. How do I install this properly to the production server? Demo and production VSA use the same license id.

    Maybe I should use "Install addons only. Do not upgrade VSA" option instead of "Upgrade VSA  to Version Available and install addons."?

  • Hi  

    It sounds as though you are participating in the beta program so your license has been adjusted to allow you to move to the 9.2 version (9.20.3 is the latest beta build which came out today).

    You could just update to the latest patch level by selecting the option (if available in Kinstall), in mine it is not available as I am running currently.

    Here is my example:

    If this does not let you apply the patch, I would recommend creating a support ticket.

    In your support ticket, I would also ask for a "Test" License Key so you do not have to worry about using the same Key on production and accidentally upgrading to 9.2.