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Patch Update

  • As part of our internal QA process, we’ve discovered some minor issues with the patch and have opted to delay release of this patch to allow for further testing and resolution. 

    We will update this thread as we have additional information to share. 

    If you have any concerns regarding your environment, please create a support ticket at helpdesk.kaseya.com.

  • Hi All,

    To provide further updates on Patch, we are expecting this patch to be released the middle of this week (Week of 10/12/2015 - 10/16/2015).

    Release notes should be posted as the patch becomes available, I will update this thread when they are published.

  • The Patch Release Notes for have been published here.

    Additionally, and have also been published.

    Please note, these patches are not available yet - only the release notes.

    Fixed Link
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  • Patch has now been released.

    So far, one obvious bug: KRC logging is broken - remote control sessions are no longer logged which is a major security/compliance issue for us. Ticket #106224 raised.


    Thank you for updating the thread! As Craig confirmed Patch is out now, along with and

    In regards to your ticket, I see it was updated by support earlier today.

    However, I am going to take a look on my server as well - see if I can expedite the support investigation.

  • Hi and others reading along.

    Scratch the mention of KRC problems; looks like it's related to our beta testing R9.2 and not a bug in 9.1 itself. sorry for the confusion.

  • All,

    We have identified an issue in Patch R9.1.0.12, R9.0.0.22, R8.0.0.26, and R7.0.0.33 with domain-based VSA Logins when leveraging logon policy. If you are experiencing this problem or problems logging in after updating to the latest patch, please submit a ticket at http://helpdesk.kaseya.com as a "1-Critical/System Down" severity and our support team will assist you.


  • How common is this issue? We have customers who use that kind of login into our VSA so should we wait for the next patch or just go for it and patch away?

  • Hi  

    It seems to be common amongst all users when the following features are enabled in the VSA.

    This will most likely impact you if users leverage Domain Logins and the setting in System > Logon Policy is enabled:

    If you are using both Domain Logins and have this feature enabled and you are concerned with the impact it may have on your users, I would hold off on updating until we correct this.

    If you have an immediate need for a fix that is included in the latest patch and that outweighs the above-mentioned problem (each will have their own opinion on this), it may be worthwhile for you to apply the latest patch and create a support ticket to implement the workaround until the fix is released.

    Let me know if I can assist in any other way.