Kaseya Community Patch Release - 17 July 2019

  • Only issue that we have encountered is with Live Connect on Demand not working.  Other than that, install went ok, re-applied schema and rebooted VSA server, agents updated over the weekend.

  • Hi Datalyst,

    So you installed last weekend and have run for 3-4 days without issues or is it longer?



  • I installed on July 29th and haven't experienced any issues yet. Install was pretty seamless.

  • upgraded last saturday ( 6 days)  only issue we have thus far is with Live Connect on Demand for which Kaseya support just responded with...

    "This issue of Live Connect on Demand issue has now been reported by our senior engineers and is being worked upon for a resolution by our engineering team. We have an internal ticket with our engineering team."

  • seems to work fairly well for us. Live connect on demand is broken, but we don't use it.

    The system sometimes fails to properly refresh when you change machine groups/views/filter by machine. A quick browser refresh fixes it.

    Overall I'm pretty happy.

  • Yeah, the refresh problem mentioned above by Craig also affects Service Desk. So, it will appear as if there no new tickets, when there really are tickets. You have to remember to refresh the browser. This is quite annoying, and was reported fairly quickly to support. Hopefully this will be remedied soon.

    See the response below. It's been 10 days now...

    "It seems that this issue you reported is very similar to an issue that our product engineering team is currently working on as a possible bug.  

    We have an internal ticket with our engineering team, to which I've linked this ticket so that I can receive updates on this.

    I shall place this ticket on "Hold" for now and provide you with an update as soon as I receive any new information regarding the fix."

  • Kaseya support resolved the Live Connect On Demand issue we had by sending us some files to replace on the on-prem VSA server.

  • Has anyone heard if Kaseya will be releasing a fix for Live Connect?  Or will we need to install first and request the files as a fix?  (Referencing Post by Datalyst on Aug 5, 2019 9:36 AM)

  • Upgraded from .19 to .22 without issues.

    Two non-critical bugs:

    LiveConnect MUST be clean re-installed. Installing on top of the old version makes remote control non-functional. Would be good to have this built-in in the installer itself.

    Logon page reverted to kaseya's default, even if the old settings are present. Changing logon settings has no effect. Support says it's a known bug.

  • Ok, we upgraded from to on Sunday. So far not had any issues other than with the new GUI

    If we type certain text into the search field causes an unexpected error and it requests a browser refresh, we have been able to do this typing in "ar", "at" and "an"  maybe more - ticket  #383228

    When the search does work the items listed do not show the correct status for the device - just shows offline, orange and green disks. If someone is logged in and active this just shows as a green disk.

  • Upgrade to .22 has been fine except for the refresh issue. I do have one bit of UI feedback:

    Under Info Center, the first thing that comes up is Reporting>Schedule. I would love if that were changed to Reporting>Reports (which is how I think it used to be). 99% of the time if I'm clicking into that section I'm not trying to look at the schedule; instead, I want to manually run a report.

  • It looks like the "Bookmarks" / "Favorites" was removed in the release.  

    Can you please let us know if that feature was removed or just moved.  If it was removed, please bring it back as it is really useful to have a favorites list of the Kaseya VSA screens we use most frequently!


  • Any news on the release? I have 3 bugs open!

  • - You can always use the option to have the old menu back, as we are doing right now. You should create a ticket with Kaseya to let them worry about it. There are some issues with the new menu and I heard that should be solved in patch that should come out at the end of this week.

  • Yep - I've been waiting since support told me in early June that my bug is fixed in for that dang thing to be released.  It's tough when you only get bugs fixed every 3-4 months....