Kaseya Community Patch Release - 03 April 2019

  • According to Kaseya the issue with Live Connect is fixed and shouldn't crop up when installing And even if it does in rare cases, removing Live Connect and installing fresh takes care of that.

    So, I'll be installing tonight and can update tomorrow with results...

  • I had an issue with KLC after it asked to update to the current version. If I clicked on an agent it would open KLC but wouldn't connect, I then open KLC from the start menu and when I did it showed a message that it was finishing the install and it worked after that. Had I not tried to open it from the Start Menu it wouldn't have worked.

  • Updated production last night to .20 from .19.  No issues found thus far.  

  • KLC remains a wonky product, not Kaseya's finest...

    I took the plunge last night and upgraded our 2 Kaseya servers to after ensuring a good backup was available and after checking Windows Update.

    I rebooted the server before running the update from (using option 2 from Kinstall) and it took quite a bit longer than I was used to. I was surprised by a new Software Deployment version, not something we actually use. Since it was early in the morning I wasn't that sharp and mistakenly thought it was a new version for Software Management, which I more or less expected to appear. So, that took some time.

    We just upgraded our SAN to very fast Nimble hardware, which is really a lot faster than our old Equallogic. Still Kinstall took about 45 minutes, where 15 minutes was the norm in recent times. And it needed a reboot to complete. After the reboot it gave me a swanky (here we call that popie-jopie) error starting with 'Whoa...'. Behind that browser window was a succesful GetCheck, which does a license check. I tried F5 to refresh the action and it immediately started a Reapply Database Schema, which ran to completion, even if it took a long time again, 15 to 20 minutes I think.

    After completing I was able to login, but the process choked on a Get License message. The message stayed for about a minute and then I had to login again and this time it opened the webinterface. All Kaseya services were actively started, so all in all not to bad.

    Just a few practical things we've noticed so far:

    - Group rights for our Monitor Dashboard didn't work and still don't work, have to use user rights;

    - Settings for Automatic Agent Updates are not honoured, resulting in our 200 MBit line being saturated;

    - Kaseya Live Connect works, one problem machine worked just once, after reinstalling, before starting to fail again;

    - Some small annoyances remain, but are no reason not to upgrade.

    In the end a big number of fixes makes it worthwhile to upgrade and keeping up-to-date is certainly recommended.

  • ^Thank you for the above -- it was helpful.