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  • If like me you have customers with legacy software running on Win2003 or XP the patch will break KBDR "Acronis".  Fix is to replace KDLLHost.exe with ver

  • I opened a ticket with support about 7 months ago regarding this Patch > Windows Auto Update issue. It was noted as being similar to an issue that engineering was working on so it was tabled. I completely forgot that I still had it open and then last week I was contacted by support with the message that this issue is addressed in the v9.5.15 update. I upgraded with seemingly no problems.

    The result was that all of my current Win10 Pro endpoints consistently display "Automatic Update not supported." I was a little taken aback at first because felt that the documentation was indicating that Win10 Home cannot be overridden (this I knew), but that Win10 Pro could.

    I reached out to support and cited the following documentation page.


    They said that they would ask for clarification and get back to me. They did that today and here is their response.

    Andy -

    "I checked with my internal team and got updated as it is not about the OS being home or Pro. It is based on the build of the OS. Any version of Windows 10 since the Anniversary update (build 1607), this feature isn't supported."

    There you have it. Yes, IMO, it's their way of saying that it doesn't work.

  • Hi

    I know this isn't really a fix, but there has been a long standing bug in the ExecutePowerShell() command. There was a patch note in 15 (I think) about fixing it.

    We've long abandoned any PowerShell specific commands in lieu of ExecuteFile() or ExecuteShellCommand() calling powershell.exe directly and providing the parameters ourselves. We've had much, much, much better luck with this. Not really a fix, but perhaps that will give you a work around until support fixes it.

  • Silence meaning yes??? Has the patching module any future with Windows 10?

  • We also had an issue with our 2003 machines appearing to be offline after going to  The agents were at  I saw your post.  I couldn't initially find a kdllhost file so I installed and restarted the Kaseya service.  I was able to remote on and also run Acronis backups.  Was there a significance in using the file over  Kaseya doesn't seem to care about this issue.

  • - Everything points to Patch Management not getting any real updates anymore, but Software Management will make this possible. This will only work with Prof. or Ent. versions and not Home. Microsoft doesn't allow W10 Home users any official leeway in applying patches.

    Settings to postpone patching and new builds, based on registry settings are supposed to become available in a few months time. WSUS like functionality is promised....

  • Well, it does have some future, but probably not in Patch Management. Software Management is supposed to get an update with WSUS like options. Better control over monthly patches and new builds for W10.

    But, don't get your hopes up to much, since it's in Microsofts best interest to keep as much control away from the customer as they dare.  Registry hacks give you some control, but Home users will most likely never be given any options. And professional and Enterprise have a bit more, but not much....

  • We also had issues with agents for Server 2003 intermittently going offline after updating to  It looks like it was linked to KDLLHOST errors that were popping up almost every time we did a patch scan, so we've turned those off.  Server 2003's not getting any more patches anyway.  :)

  • Is anyone able to provide the KDLLHost

    We have the Backups failing and the only workaround solution is to implement a local backup and then send email alerts instead of having them controlled through the VSA.

    EDIT: We had opened up a ticket with Kaseya and were able to receive KDLLHost.exe version which seems to have resolved the issue with the Agent Check-ins (so far) as well as backups being run through the Kaseya Agent. So far so good.

    Adding new info.
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