Kaseya Community Patch Release - 29 June 2018

  • I have updated our on site server to patch release and the login page now says evaluation edition. All licensing is intact. Anyone else seeing this type of behavior?

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  • We had the same issue. The certificate chain was incomplete according to external test sites like SSLlabs and Digicert's. We had to import the intermediate certs from the CA and then reimport into Kaseya edge services again:

    If you are on 9.4+

    If you are on older than 9.4

    After restarting the Kaseya edge service, the certificate chain then showed complete and we could enable the integration from IT Glue.

  • We found the issue that was causing the authorization not to work.  The URL being presented to IT Glue had some capitization in the string for our Kserver.  he URL Presented was company.itglue.com/.../authorize

    If you notice, on the end, it was sending the URL to our Kaseya instance as HelpMe.company.net.  If I change the URL so it's helpme.company.net in that Auth string and refresh, the authorization is successful.  Hope that helps, as I know several other people had a similar issue.

  • Jeffrey,

    Apologies, I haven't had the bandwidth this week to take another look (I was out the back half of last week for some holiday vacation time). I'll try again next week once some of the dust settles and if I'm still getting an error I'll ticket it up.