Kaseya Community Patch Release - 9 February 2017

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    We have just released patch

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#38125.htm Patch Release - 9 February 2017

    Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • The drop-down list displayed by the machine group filter on agent pages now supports: 
      • arrow up and arrow down key navigation 
      • selection of a machine group using the enter key (PT-283/AF-1913)
    • Fixed an issue with auto download failing when the 'Deploy Agent URL' link is accessed. (PT-369/SDP-1981)
    • Fixed an issue with missing options on the Agent > Manage Agents > Manage menu. (PT-411/SDP-1797)
    • Fixed an endpoint issue affecting package downloads using Live Connect, Antivirus and Anti-Malware after a VSA migration. (PT-407/END-2051)
    • Fixed an issue with returning the correct machine count on the Manage Agents page when filtering the page using the Credentials column filter. (PT-405/SDP-2024)
    • Curl.exe was updated to fix an issue with agents not checking in when TLS 1.0 was disabled. (PT-415/END-2187)
    • Fixed an issue with using a view definition that filters by machine group when the number of machine groups exceeds 100. (PT-425/AF-2265)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented moving a machine to a different machine group if only 1 license was available. (PT-422/SDP-1581)
    • Fixed an issue that caused an Agent > Agent Menu > User Logon Page URL to be truncated after the string or, when copying agent menu settings using the Agent > Copy Settings page. (PT-324/SDP-1331)
    • Fixed an error that could occur when trying to download the same agent package on two different browser tabs concurrently. (PT-313/SDP-1522)
    • A new Endpoint Logs tab has been added to the Agent > Agents > Agent Logs page. The new tab lists endpoint logs generated by the agent for this machine. Click the link of any log type to display the list of available logs for that agent. (PT-284/SDP-1653)
    • Fixed an issue with scheduling events in a timely manner, including processing the queue of outbound emails. (PT-258/LI-302)
    • Fixed an issue auditing a machine with more than 32 logical CPUs. (PT-90/VAKF-919)
    • Fixed performance issues related to audit entries. (PT-350/LI-312)
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the agent to terminate when running an agent procedure with a getVariable() command that specified a long filename. (PT-421/VAKF-1392)
    • The Agent Procedure > Schedule / Create page now refreshes immediately when a machine group or view is selected, instead of requiring the page be refreshed manually. (PT-427/AF-2280)
    • Updated the title bar of Live Connect to display the VSA server name/IP address. (PT-423/END-2245)
    • This fix ensures that a Kaseya Remote Control session launched from within Live Connect prompts the user to enter a reason for the remote control session, if required by User Role Policy or Machine Policy for the specific machine. This matches the behavior of Kaseya Remote Control sessions launched outside of Live Connect. (PT-260/AF-1758)
    • Fixed an issue with User Portal not honoring custom web server ports. (PT-257/ATTHREE-491)
    • A security vulnerability was removed. (PT-417/API-474)
    • In tenant partitions, the System > User History page now shows the user history for all users, not just System users. (PT-399/APPF-2056)
    • Fixed an error message that displayed when trying to view the Ticketing / View Summary page in a high volume environment. (PT-437/LI-157)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented opening a ticket using the Ticket link embedded in a notification email. (PT-430/ATTWO-1933)
    • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the Kaseya Edge service to terminate unexpectedly on SaaS servers. (PT-400/END-1948)


    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Windows temp directory of an agent machine to fill with empty folders after the Anti-Malware client was installed. (PT-239/END-2019)
    • Fixed an issue with using three name value parts in reports: 
      • AM Installation Count 
      • AM Installation Count (Servers) 
      • AM Installation Count (Workstations) (PT-172/ATTWO-1541)


    • Fixed an issue that caused profiles to show out of compliance after running Get Status. (PT-431/ATTWO-2172)

    Antivirus and Anti-Malware

    • Added support for Windows 2016 in Antivirus and Anti-Malware (PT-428/ATTWO-2379)
    • Fixed an error that displayed when generating a report that included the 'Active threats Count' column of the 'AV Monthly Count' report part. (PT-199/ATTWO-2231)


    • You can no longer disable passwords on the Backup Image page. (PT-354/BACKUP-85)
    • Fixed a timeout error displaying log files on the Backup Logs page, when a large number of backups are schedules to run. (PT-351/BACKUP-390)


    • Fixed a timeout issue scanning Discovery domains when processing a large dataset. (PT-402/DISMON-1224)

    Endpoint Security

    • Fixed a 'Failed to Apply' profile message that displayed after the first reboot of a new install of Endpoint Security. (PT-435/ATTWO-1872)
    • Fixed two issues: 
      • The AVG 2016 Firewall component is now disabled on all new installs. 
      • Disabling the Email Scanner component no longer causes an install to show as 'not fully protected'. (PT-397/ATTWO-2183)
    • The Endpoint Security password is now required to access the 'Temporarily disable AVG protection' option on AVG 2016 clients. (PT-412/ATTWO-493)

    Network Monitor

    • Fixed an issue in Network Monitor that prevented adding an asset with an IP address or hostname that matched the IP address or hostname of another asset in another subnet. (PT-342/KNM-1090)

    Patch Management

    • Fixed an issue that prevented creating a patch policy when the VSA used the Japanese language pack. (PT-419/SDP-1240)

    Policy Management

    • This patch prevents a policy from being immediately overridden when deployed because of manual changes made to the agent before the policy was created. It also removes all overrides when the agent is no longer associated with the object type through any policy. (PT-318/LI-327)

    Service Billing

    • Fixed an issue that prevented exporting grid data from the Service Billing > Operations > Recurring Services page. (PT-345/APPF-1747)

    Service Desk

    • Added a new SendPost() command to service desk procedures. The SendPost() creates a POST request and sends it to a specified URL. The request always sends the content you enter in json format. The target URL receives this string and processes it. (PT-418/ATTWO-2201)
      • If the command specifies a series of fields and values in json format, then running the command sends a POST request formatted as follows: 
        ""ServerName"":""<server name"",""ProcedureName"":""<procedure name>"", 
        ... }
      • If the command specifies just text, then running the command sends a POST request formatted as follows: 
        ""ServerName"":""<server name"",""ProcedureName"":""<procedure name>"", 
        ""PostData"":""<Text to be sent>""}

    Software Deployment and Update

    • Fixed an issue adding the latest version of Adobe Reader DC to the local catalog. (PT-353/SDP-1757)
    • Increased the length of the InstallerName column to support long install package names. (PT-301/SDP-1066)
    • Added missing indexes to reduce deadlocks. (PT-396/LI-352)

    Non-Critical Issues For Customers To Patch When Convenient

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Fixed the calendar date selector in Live Connect to default to the current date. (PT-378/AF-2237)
    • The agent version was updated to for Windows and Mac agents.

    Desktop Management

    • Outdated links on the Desktop Management > Overview page were removed. (PT-375/NSM-1751)

  • Thank god for some of this. If only the past 4 patches didn't involve us having to update thousands of agents every time.

  •  +1

  • Fully agree, especially on the agent updates...

  • Having an issue with KAV since update. Not sure if it is not pushing out or pending actions are not being displayed. I just opened a ticket with support. Kind of bummed this patch fixed a lot of stuff, but now causing an issue with AV rollouts

  • The last agent upgrade seemed to have interfered with LAN cache and is causing us a lot of problems with KAV rollouts, not sure if this has changed with the latest patch as we are not running it yet. KAV never has or will be a smooth ride though.;-)

  •  and -

    Has support been able to identify the issue yet?  I was going to roll .28 out this week but KAV has been running so well that I may let the patch slide for another week if a fix for KAV has not been identified.


  • Nothing yet. They told me to cycle the endpoint service which did not work. Still waiting on response back.

  • Same here. Cycle the endpoint service. This gets done countless time per day now across the estate though. KAV has become a black hole when it comes to time. We spend more time here than anywhere else.