Kaseya Community Patch Release - 27 October 2016

  • Hi All,

    We have released patch just now:

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#37626.htm Patch Release - 27 October 2016

    Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • A Refresh button has been added to the Agent > Manage Agents page. This page no longer refreshes automatically. (PT-252/SDP-1286)
    • Fixed an issue with Live Connect becoming unresponsive when transferring large files. (PT-255/AF-2138)


    • Fixed an issue during installs, where endpoints were returning 'cannot download 10xUpdate.zip'. (PT-262/ATTWO-2072)

    Antivirus (Classic)

    • Fixed the count displayed for Antivirus (Classic) 'Objects Scanned' in the Executive Summary report. (PT-248/PROTECT-916)
    • Fixed an issue with Antivirus (Classic) message queues being flooded with scan status events even when no scans were running, after the patch. (PT-249/PROTECT-942)

    Endpoint Security

    • Upgrading an agent machine installed with Endpoint Security from AVG 2012 to AVG 2013 no longer requires a reboot. (PT-253/ATTWO-2052)

    Enterprise Mobility Management

    • Fixed a "loading data" message that never completes on the Devices page. (PT-242/APPF-1754)

  • The no reboot on AVG2012 to 2013 is great. Unfortunately the windows firewall is still disabled as part of the upgrade.

    I raised ticket #110113 on this a long time ago, got the run around with Kaseya blaming AVG and vice-versa, and eventually had the ticket closed on me with no resolution.

    With the mandatory upgrade to AVG 2016 coming shortly, I would think it important that Kaseya fixes this bug.

  • Have a bunch of services that do not start after updating to this release, just opened a ticket with support...

    EDIT: Kaseya support was very quick in response with the down system. A reinstall of the schema worked and was able to get us up and running.

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  • We had similar issues.  In our lab, we needed to do a manual schema update in order to get agents to update and all modules to show up.  In our production environment we had a down situation...the schema update wouldn't complete.  We worked with support and the final fix was a re-install of the patch/kserver.  After that, the schema update ran successfully.

  • We came from patch .15 directly and had no noticeable problems in our installation.  I did for good practice reapply the schema after patching and before I tested everything.  Agents were updating properly, everything has been running okay for us.  That said we do not utilize the KAV/KAM modules so those are not tested.

  • We also had the issue of 3, 4 services failing after the mandatory reboot on the last two patches.

    Running Reapply Database Schema has fixed this for us as well. On the patch we also had to start the Kaseya Directory Integration Service ourselves.

    What remains is an issue with the Kaseya.SecurityCenter.AV.Service.exe process that takes up all resources on our VSA within a day of installing That means Memory usage is at 99% and CPU is high, causing the Private Microsoft Message Queue for kes.service to rise over 10.000 halting all KAV related actions. Restarting the Kaseya Antivirus Service is a solution for this issue, at least for a few days. We've had this issue for the past few months on 9.3.