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Deploying same standard PC/User profile settings to n number of PCs

  • Windows 10 standard preferences

    We do standard user profile setting or preferences or standard setup of every PC we onboard for our client users like shortcuts, Wall paper, Disabling UAC, power plan, Performance settings, Memory Dump settings etc Is there any way export or clone that settings to every new PC coming in to setup?

    It is like copy user profile setting only minus data/applications to other PCs

    Is there any way in kaseya or in Windows 10?

  • You should be able to do most, if not all, of that using Procedures.  Did you take a look at automation exchange?



  • I am looking for something like Windows Configuration Designer Tool

  • Bud, this can all be done with agent procedures. You just need to document what you want to do and then find/create the procedures. If the Windows Configuration Designer Tool can run from a command line, you can probably use that to do it as well.