Have a couple hundred Lenovo Tiny M710 series computers that have been driving me nuts about the num lock key every since I've had them. I need the Num Lock key to stay/turn on at the user login prompt, and once I'm into Windows. Everything I've tried the Num Lock is mostly off at the user prompt, or won't consistently stay on. Windows 10 Pro x64 (multiple feature packs)

1) Updated System BIOS to multiple versions 2) Enable and Disabled "Turn on Num Lock" in BIOS 3) Turned off fast startup 3) Set registry key HKEY_USERS.Default\Control Panel\Keyboard entry for “InitialKeyboardIndicators”, to 2 and also tried 2147483648 4) found entry for S-1-5-21-(domain)-(computer)-(user) will occasionally change on it's own to 0. So i took ownership, set myself as the only one with full control, and set "everyone" to read permission. Then set to 2 and 2147483648 and it will still randomly change back to 0 5) Ensured there is no GPO set to change value

I'm at wits end, any ideas?