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Changing Kaseya Logo

  • Hi guys,

    New to the forum, so if I've missed a Thread similar to this, I do apologise.

    Just wanted to know if Kaseya VSA allows you to change the Kaseya Logo/ brand it up for your own company?

    Thinking for Live demo's etc to customers.


    What are you trying to customize specifically? 

    Are you on-premise or cloud (SaaS)?

  • Ok situation:

    If we gave a client (as we are the MSP), access to VSA but locked their user account to their network.

    As they are looking at the interface, just wondering if we can brand it up and not have the Kaseya logo on there at all...

    It's more for marketing than anything else.

  • If you are on-premise and want to change the initial login page, you can reference the write-up I put in the following thread:

    Otherwise, you can change all the remaining UI components from System > Site Customization.

    Is that what you were looking for?