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UpdateWarranty Gone?

  • I got a notice from UpdateWarranty.com that they are no longer selling subscriptions or license. Bummer! I depended upon this site for years for giving me my Dell product purchase and warranty expiration dates directly into my Kasaya Custom fields. :-(  Does anyone have a viable alternative?

  • I haven't used it with Kaseya yet, but they supposedly support it.  I am currently using their "free" product for our Connectwise configurations.


  • It's not that they didn't support it, it's that they are now out of business for their product. One can continue to use it until one's subscription expires but they are no longer renewing expired subscriptions or selling new subscriptions.  Here is what I received when I tried to renew:

    "Effective immediately, MSP Direct Inc. will no longer be offering UpdateWarranty subscription purchaces or renewals.  Current subscriptions account will remain open and active until the end of your term.  We want to thank you for your past business and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused."

    Waaah! It worked so well and was so simple to use. I'm looking for a replacement, if someone has a suggestion.

  • Sorry mis-understanding there I wasn't saying that updatewarranty was supported... I mean that warrantymaster.com place is supposedly supported in Kaseya but I haven't tried it there.  It does work well in Connectwise.

  • The most popular service I've seen is: http://warrantymaster.com/

  • No worries - thanks for the link! I will check them out. Much appreciated.

  • Thanks, Mike!

  • We're actively using warrantymaster. Great product! It seamlessly pulls data from Kaseya to display warranty information, sorted by Kaseya Organizations.

  • Thanks. The only issue I'm seeing with WarrantyMaster is that our on premise Kaseya server is not available outside of our LAN. I'm not sure if I want to poke a hole in the firewall to them or not. Still mulling over the options. I also found a vbscript that purports to pull Dell warranties so I'm checking it out as well.

  • RIP

  • I received the same email @zippo. Currently looking for a new Warranty Software to use. UpdateWarranty was so great for the past few years. They never even emailed me to let us know. I emailed support because it stopped updating, and I received the same response they sent to you.

    Is warranty Master the new go to? Any other options out there that will sync with Kaseya?

  • UpdateWarranty sync back to Kaseya only works if you are on version 9.4

  • Hi NickT - UpdateWarranty was simple and quick and worked well with our Kaseya 9.3.X on premise instance. I'm really going to miss it. I've been looking at VB and Powershell scripts but Dell apparently changed their access model so these scripts no longer work out of the box. One now needs to register with Dell TechDirect to receive permissions to call their Warranty API. I've done so and am waiting to hear back. Worth a try, anyway. As I said earlier, to use WarrantyMaster I would need to open access through our firewall to their servers and I'm not quite ready to take that step, yet.

  • We used to use UptimeWarranty for years. For the most part it was "okay", but always saw time outs when connecting to HP or Lenovo and they also did not update quickly when Connectwise or Kaseya came out with new releases. The updates also took such a long time to run (based on our 8000 kaseya agents at that time). The tech support responses (via email only) also took a few days to get acknowledge;ledged.

    Since last year we have been using Warranty Master http://warrantymaster.com/, and just using the FREE edition does a great job. The speed of the updates is also supreme. Directly into Kaseya and\or Connectwise. And it is FREE.

  • Adam, can you share how you have warranty master working with Kaseya today?