For anyone that has loaded the Datto module and noticed that they were not able to limit the view or access in "Roles" - Here is the Fix (Thanks to Paul at MSPAssist for helping us remedy this Datto/Kaseya issue)

Kaseya a few years ago used a single table called Partnerapp .. but they changed this and split it into 2. So Partnerapp became "Partnerapps" and "Systemapps" ... note the 's' now on the end of Partnerapps. The fix is to create the 2 new SQL files and add them with the XML file.

The below process takes into account that the Datto module is already installed.

1. Copy the two attached sql files to the Kaseya Directory. (Default is: C:\Kaseya\WebPages\install\ )
2. Make a backup of the C:\Kaseya\WebPages\install\kaddon_DattoAddon.xml and replace it with the one attached.
3. Open a browser and place the following in as the URL and run:
4. Logout of and back into Kaseya and the menu should be visible in the Roles section.