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Automate Azure AD

  • I would like to automate joining all of my remote computers to Azure AD. I am unsure if this is possible, I have been researching and perhaps I am just not asking the right question. 

    I would like to know if there was some script I could write and then have Kaseya push that, or perhaps just write it as a Kaseya procedure. I would expect Powershell to be able to do it, however I cannot seem to get it to work.

    Thank you,


  • Any luck with this one? We need to connect 150+ machines to Azure, and would save us heaps of time

  • So a couple of questions?

    Is you primary AD controller setup located in Azure today?

    Can you join a machine manually to that AD controller?

  • I doubt it would be easy/practical given the user needs to provide their AAD credentials as part of the process...