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Disable USB Removable Storage by Domain policy

  • I used to have a domain group policy that would enable or disable usb removable storage based on whether the user was a member of  the group EnableUSB or DisableUSB.    It was working a few months ago, but now it doesn't seem to be.   I thought at first it was because I've upgrade most workstations to Windows 10, but no it's not working with Windows 7 either  (on machines it used to work on)

    I've researched and tried a few different methods and nothing seems to be working out for me.

    Anyone successfully have this working with Windows Server 2012 R2  and Windows 10 clients?

  • Hello cshockley.


    Set the Start Key value with 4 to disable Usb Storage.

    Set it back to 3 to enable it back

    You may also prevent people from installing a USB device.

    Follow those instructions:


    The above works on Windows 10 (haven't tested on Windows Server 2012 R2)

    Of course your users must not have access to write the registry.

    Best Regards