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What do you all use to audit/report on a prospective new client

  • This may be a previously covered topic but if so it was a long time ago. now that it is 2018 i was curious what you all use to scan and audit a potential new client network in order to produce a report that will help convince them they need you.

    This would be something that would not require Kaseya agent be installed but rather a laptop connected to there network with their permission and a scan / audit done to produce the desired report.

  • network detective

  • yep - what he said

  • wow that is not a cheep product. just the basic package with HIPAA audit costs over $7,000 per year...  not what i am looking for.

  • Network Detective, adding Traverse next month. We always deploy an agent for audits so we can run our custom audit tools, collect purchase date/warranty expiration date, using a custom VSA "customer" that prevents any of our automation from applying.

    Quality work requires quality tools, and they are not cheap, regardless of the industry.


  • we use RFT now with good sucess. and there other products

  • i second "rapidfiretool"