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UpdateWarranty Gone?

  • here is the link with a embedded video. app.warrantymaster.com/.../kaseya

  • So warrantymaster seems to be the go to since UpdateWarranty is no more? Directly ties into Kaseya and Connectwise?


  • @NickT - I can't speak for the Kaseya integration just because I haven't used it myself.  But I have it fully working with Connectwise just fine. Unless you want their extra "reports", you can even get it for absolutely free unless you have a huge amount of machines you want it to lookup.

  • I just set up WarrantyMaster and set up the CW and Kaseya API's. It has 2 way sync with CW, but not Kaseya yet. So I am not sure that the purhcase dates and warranty info will fill in the custom fields I have in Kaseya like UpdateWarranty did.

  • ,  there was talk of it working with 9.4, but I think the problem might be on Kaseya's side.   I don't think the Kaseya API supports putting information into custom fields.   I think we need Kaseya to open this up first.

    In the meantime, you should look at the reports in WarrantyMaster.   I think you will see that there is probably little reason to have this data inside Kaseya, the WM reports are very nice looking.

  • Is it save that Warranty master connects through a web service api with admin rights to your Kserver ?

  • We also moved to Warranty Master - configured the update for Kaseya and use the Sync to ConnectWise.

    Virtually ZERO ISSUES! Had an initial issue that was solved quickly by their support. UpdateWarranty was the only game for a while, and we had to write an entire wrapper application to keep it running, restart it after failures, etc. Its a Night and Day difference.


  • I have received the go ahead and needed keys to run Dell's API for warranty lookups. I'm scripting the lookup, it seems to work well. It's more work initially than using Warranty Master but I don't have to expose our onpremis Kaseya system to the Internet so works well for us.

  • FYI, we wrote and published a new Dell Warranty lookup script.  It is available on the Automation Exchange for $10, or included in a ClubMSP subscription.


    Looking at doing others as well.

  • Hey Guys,

    Below is the latest detail on the warranty master two way sync with Kaseya: