Kaseya Community

Update on Kaseya Community Local Meetups

  • Kaseya recently hosted a series of local meetups globally in cities like London, New York, Chicago, Tampa/Florida and Sydney.

    These meetups were a huge success - over 350 members registered to discuss and learn more about capabilities in release 7.0

    For us at Kaseya, it was a great a opportunity to meet with you and understand your concerns/feedback face-to-face.

    We are glad that you found these events helpful . We have plans to have more of these in the future.

    The future meetups will continue to focus on providing value to our community members, giving them an opportunity to connect, share and learn.

    Tell us where do you want to see the next local meetup.

    So far we have received following suggestions:

    • Arizona
    • Germany
    • Cardiff
    • Washington/Baltimore
    • Philadelphia
    • France
    • Toronto
    • Ft. Lauderdale/Miami/Hollywood, FL

    To recommend a city, please leave a comment.

  • San Francisco and/or San Jose would probably work well.

  • Germany please!

  • Philadelphia

  • Philadelphia

  • D.C. / Baltimore

  • Brisbane Australia or Anywhere Australia!

  • Arizona (Phoenix) would be great!

  • Of course Los Angeles or Orange County would be great.

  • Vegas!

  • Minneapolis - St. Paul

  • Seattle please!

  • Are there any companies in GA that would like to plan a monthly Kaseya meetup somewhere.. I have been using Kaseya for several months now and wanted to network with other users in the state to see how they are leveraging the application.

  • Philadelphia

  • In germany maybe Frankfurt. It's in the middle of germany and has good transport possibilities