Below are the latest release notes from Traverse:


Content: Device Signatures

  • Updated HealthCheck API to return HTTP status 200 OK with unknown payload instead of 404 Not Found in case of unknown DGEx asset IDs. (TV-7435)
  • Added a new signature file for Avaya Voice gateway. (TV-5806)
  • Added a new signature file for WatchGuard Fireware. (TV-662)

Traverse VSA Module

  • Added Cisco SFP device signature with Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) metrics. (TV-927)

Bug Fixes

Test Discovery/Parameter Rediscovery

  • Fixed an issue with VMware/vCenter test provisioning only returning test for one host and not for all hosts on the vCenter. (TV-7468)
  • Fixed an issue with VMware test provisioning failing with shared credentials when vCenter address is not used. (TV-7448)
  • Fixed an issue with storage sensor tests not being discovered with VMware 6.5 EP09 upgrade. (TV-7123)
  • Fixed intermittent issue with CMR monitoring and tests failing when SQL query end time is greater than the start time. (TV-7127)
  • Fixed an issue with Web Transaction Test failing if the monitored website is unsecure and ‘Load images for this URL checkbox 'is selected. (TV-6866)

Generic Issue

  • Fixed an issue with SSO certificate not being used for SAML authentication. (TV-7440)
  • Fixed an issue with restoring Represent User functionality under Administration > Departments for Admin Group users. (TV-6557)

Topology Discovery/Visualization

  • Fixed an issue with displaying admin groups instead of departments when a user creates a discovery. (TV-7394)
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the Update Device Dependency list in alphabetical order under Administration > Devices. (TV-6916)

UI Workflow/Usability

  • Fixed an issue with failing user authentication via AuthAnvil SSO with Traverse. (TV-7385)
  • Fixed an issue with AuthAnvil SSO integration resetting Traverse password. (TV-7093)
  • Fixed unclear password error messaging issue which should require the SuperUser password instead of user password for updating user role and credentials. (TV-6871)

API & Plug-In Framework

  • Fixed an issue with the inability to assign shared credentials instead of a device-specific credential. (TV-7288)
  • Fixed sla.create BVE API command issue returning an empty test-based SLA. (TV-7117)
  • Fixed MonitorConfig API issue with displaying of WMI credentials in plain text according to Boolean data type/value [showPassword: true] in the API request. (TV-6450)
  • Fixed an issue with count procedure of total amount of VMware provisioned tests in logs. (TV-7533)

Network Config Management

  • Fixed an issue with ARP Search failing in Config Management. (TV-7111)

Permissions/Security Model

  • Fixed an issue with the inability to edit credentials for users with read-only permissions. (TV-7099)
  • Fixed an issue to allow Admin users with Suspend permissions to suspend tests as an Admin user. (TV-6923)

Service Container

  • Fixed an issue with test container member not being removed despite rule change by device tag. (TV-7014)

Reports & Dashboard

  • Fixed an issue with a saved report query not retaining container selection. (TV-6874)

Actions & Notification

  • Fixed an issue with having to restart DGE component to update email notification from an action profile upon updating URL in SuperUser > Global Config > DGE Settings. (TV-6855)
  • Fixed an issue with the event viewer improperly displays 'until condition changes' under test properties while suppressing a test where selecting both Status and Notification, and Date conditions. (TV-7223)

Runtime/Operational Issue

  • Fixed an issue where invalid CUCM tests cause rapid error log volume and growth due to inclusion of entire XML Http request. (TV-5740)