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Traverse 9.5.9 - 27 February 2019

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    Latest Traverse release notes can be found here.

    Traverse 9.5.9 - 27 February 2019

    This release contains the following enhancements, bug fixes, and security upgrades:

    • RMM 2.0 - Added a silent installer for Traverse/VSA integration. (TV-6692)
    • Signature Files - Updated the device signatures for the following:
      • Dell Enterprise Client (TV-6593)
      • Cisco NBAR (TV-6596)
    • Security improvements - We continually strive to ensure that our applications are secure. This will continue to be a theme across all of the Kaseya products. (TV-6379)(TV-935)(TV-6085)
    • End User License Agreement (EULA) - Updated the EULA for the Traverse Installer. (TV-6698)
    • Container Summary Status View - Fixed an issue where extra events were being displayed on the Status >Containers page, which caused the page to load very slowly. (TV-6703)
    • Correlation Summary Engine (CSE) - Fixed an issue where CSE activity was stopped while network discovery was running. This could cause incorrect device/container statuses, delayed Event Manager updates and container notifications, and erroneous component status notifications. (TV-6423)
    • Reports - Fixed an issue where the system could hang if users clicked on 'Save as PDF Document' multiple times.To prevent this issue, the 'Save as PDF Document' button is now disabled while a PDF document is being generated. (TV-4752)
    • Reports - Fixed an issue with running a custom report (e.g., historical performance report) on CPU utilization against a container with over 2000 CPU utilization tests. The report would return the incorrect number of records in these cases: (TV-6388)
      • If Bottom 50 was selected in Number of Items, fewer than 50 items were returned.
      • If Bottom 100 was selected in Number of Items, fewer than 100 items were returned.

    • Reports - Fixed an issue where an empty report was returned if both of these options were selected: All for "Selected Devices" and All for "Select Test Type/subType(s)". (TV-6751)

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