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Latest Traverse patch notes are available here.

Traverse 9.5.8 - 30 January 2019

RMM 2.0

  • Added Event Details Page APIs to enable the native VSA Event Detail page.
  • Ticketing now creates tickets in Service Desk, Ticketing, or BMS based on the ticketing system in use.
  • Removed deprecated links from the Device Health page. These links will be restored in a future release (as soon as the applicable pages have been integrated into VSA).
  • Added a Message History API.


  • Implemented security improvements. We continually strive to ensure that our applications are secure. This will continue to be a theme across all of the Kaseya products. (TV-6637)


  • SNMP - Fixed an issue with the linkUp and linkDown events for SNMP tests that caused the interface_name to display incorrectly. (TV-3968)
  • SNMP - Fixed an issue where the SNMP Agent Uptime test could not be discovered. (TV-5367)
  • SNMP - Fixed an issue where the SNMP Discovered 'output' test contained an empty OID. (TV-5816)
  • Reports - Fixed an edge case that could result in large queries being generated. This could occur in cases where the customer saved a report and subsequently deleted all of its devices or containers. If the report was re-run or scheduled after the deletion, the resulting query was run across all devices. (TV-5223)
  • VMware - Fixed an issue where the VMware LUN Status test did not return meaningful values. The test now reports on all 8 potential statuses: degraded, error, lostCommunication, off, ok, quiesced, timeout, and unknownState. (TV-5550)
  • BVE API - Fixed an issue with this API returning the wrong number of samples in the result.list output. (TV-5785)
  • BVE API - Fixed a permissions issue that prevented the API from creating or updating hotspots when logged in as superuser. (TV-5802)
  • Departments - Fixed an issue where the Department list was empty when attempting to move devices in bulk. (TV-5815)
  • NCM - Fixed an issue where NCM Adapter F5 BigIP1100 was unable to backup with a remotely authenticated user. (TV-5844)
  • Integration - Fixed an issue where ExternalLoginKey contained no value and an extra blank line. (TV-6639)