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Customizing the Alert Subject line

  • Yes today, we currently use Traverse and we are generating tickets inside of the Kaseya VSA. We monitor both Server and Network devices.

    Is there a way in the subject line of the Traverse Email that we can append the words ServerAlert or NetworkAlert depending on the alert. 

    I could then use this text to route the alert to the appropriate support group.

    Please advise.


    Buster Davis

  • Buster - Please say it ain't so!  This is an essential, even critical capability for any alert automation! You have my vote if this needs to become a feature request.


  • Hi Buster,

    Since there are several different device types can can fall in network category, there isn't an easy way to append a specific word to the subject. However, if you are able to route the ticket based on content of the body, then I can suggest an alternate solution. You may have noticed that the body contains various details for the device, including up to 5 custom tags. If you assign #5 for (say) device category, you can set "Tag 5" to ServerAlert or NetworkAlert depending on which device this is. You can set the Tag 5 value via Administration -> Devices view on a per-device basis, or in bulk by searching for specific types of devices and using the bulk edit option. That way when the action is triggered, the "Device Tag 5" value will be set to one of those values.

    Regards - Rajib