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DFS-R Replication Status Monitoring - Advanced WMI Test

  • Hi All,

    I am trying to monitor the replication status on some of our Windows file servers using a Traverse advanced WMI test. The DFS-R metrics reside in the MicrosoftDfs WMI root so following the Traverse Advanced WMI test format of:


    I have crafted this query:


    Unfortunately the test fails with "Server returned error: Unable to collect PDH data: NO_DATA".

    Any thoughts on what I am missing?



  • Using Paessler PRTG I have been able to extract this WMI status with this query based upon:


    SELECT State FROM DfsrReplicatedFolderInfo WHERE ReplicatedFolderGuid="08C1BE05-128B-4EB5-BBDA-3B73B1607569"

    This should translate to:


    for Traverse, but the value that Traverse reports back is either "Server returned error: Unable to collect PDH data: NO_DATA" or the wrong value, a "1" instead of a "2" or "4"

    Thoughts, suggestions, head banging relieve product ideas?



  • Traverse support worked with me and we were able to determine that this was a bug in the WMI engine. The value provided by these queries is a INT8 variable and Traverse fails to receive these values properly.