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Creating a Device Profile with custom thresholds

  • Is there a way to create a custom device profile with custom thresholds?  For example, I'd like to be able to discover a device and choose a profile when discovering that device that would cause all the traffic in/out and util in/out thresholds to be set to the maximum number possible.  These would be devices where we want to monitor the traffic, but dont want to get alerts on it.  We could go back later and change the device after discovery, but doing it when it's being discovered and later re-discovered is a better solution.

    I found the typedef files, but I dont see one that has the standard SNMP interface counters.

  • Hi Chris,

    It is currently not possible to configure specific thresholds for an application profile. Such a profile is essentially a filtered list of tests that will be accepted when performing test discovery, and part of that discovery process involves identifying suitable thresholds (where applicable). In contrast, static/linked templates will allow you to set the thresholds. However in that case the list of tests will be fixed as well.

    It sounds like you are looking for a hybrid of these two features - limit the discovery to group of test categories but also override the thresholds on per-category basis. I would suggest that you submit an enhancement request at kaseya.zendesk.com/home. We routinely review these requests and incorporate them into future roadmap. The fact that other users can vote for these features is also an important metric for us.

    Regards - Rajib

  • Actually I've found that it's possible to do part of what I'm looking for.  You can edit the User Class, and then set the Default Thresholds and Actions.  You can configure that User Class to discover specific tests with the specific threshold that you want.  This works fine for a test like Util In/Out where the threshold that's used is not dynamic.  But for Interface Traffic In/Out where the threshold is automatically adjusted based upon the speed of the interface by Traverse when it discovers it, it does not work.  You can add that test to the User Class Default Threshold settings and set a value, but it's not used when the test is discovered.

    I'll submit an enhancement for that aspect.