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How to monitor windows performance monitor counter via advanced WMI query?

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Hi all,

I would like to add some custom monitors to our Traverse using the advanced WMI query monitor. I want to be able to monitor some counters that are access via windows performance monitor (these can be access via wmi).

This is the format of the query I would use if I was running a powershell query:

Get-Counter -counter "\LS:MediationServer - Outbound Calls(_total)\- Current"

This part is the important part:

\LS:MediationServer - Outbound Calls(_total)\- Current

How can I put the above into a format for Traverse Advanced WMI monitor?

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  • Here is the Traverse Advanced WMI format:


    Or if it is the default CIMv2 namespace:


    I use a tool from KS-Soft called WMI explorer to help me build queries.