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Traverse action to restart windows service on alert

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Hi all,

Has anyone managed to get Traverse to restart a windows service on an error.

I have used the scrip supplied in this forum but it just doesn't seem to kick off. I know the alert is being fired as my second action is to send an email and it works ok.

I'm trying to run the service restart from a DGE-ext, and we have version 5.6

Is there anyway to log the result of a plug-in script - ie whether it runs or not and if not why?

The DGE service on the remote DGE-ext runs as "localservice" account, I'm wondering if it needs to run as a normal user to be able execute scripts? I tried this but no improvement.

Any ideas anyone?

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  • We are facing a similar question - but doesn't the plugin run on the DGE and not the DGEx?  Unless the DGE is in the same network as the underlying server being monitored, how would it issue the PSEXEC to start the failed service?  We are asking Kaseya the same thing on another channel, if I get an answer I'll gladly share it here.

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