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Traverse 9.5.7 - 13 December 2018

  • Hey Guys,

    A Traverse patch was released for our Traverse R9.5 platform:


    his release contains the following enhancements, bug fixes, and security upgrades:

    • RMM 2.0 - Global Alert configuration using VSA emails, tickets and notifications with the ability to override alerts on specific tests.
    • Site security updates. (TV-6438)
    • Columns in CSV file do not correspond to Admin > Automation and Admin > Tests view columns. (TV-6441)
    • Once the dgex gets deployed on the OBW or the Data Collector page, user should not push synchronize now button right away. (TV-6452)
    • In the Data Collector page, once a dgex is deployed on a selected agent, the user should not click on synchronize now right away. (TV-6453)
    • DGE Extension does not get installed properly when closing the OBW in the middle of deployment. (TV-6461)
    • Status > Devices page shows "Only super user can use this endpoint to get external login key" error. (TV-6559)

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  •  You are batting 1000 for the URLs:  You posted community.kaseya.com/.../RN

    When it should be help.kaseya.com/.../RN

  •  - Appreciate the heads up!

    I blame  ;)

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  • Hi, I don't want to be rude or out of place, but while you guys are joking around, there are many unviewed, and unanswered  posts and questions that could really use expertise while we users struggle with Software Management, for one.

    Thank you

  • Sent you a personal message to follow-up.

  • When will we see templates or at least an export/import  feature so we don't need to start each organization with a clean slate for monitoring?  We've had Traverse for months but still deploy KNM for basic server monitoring because we can get it set up in minutes instead of hours (or days) by deploying standard templates to the servers.


  • Agree 100%

  • Send me an email and I will line you up with the person to speak to regarding your Traverse feedback.

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