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Command to extract the reports which shows the device names and test parameters configured

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Hi Friends,

I am new to Traverse monitoring tool. I am trying to extract a report which shows the number of devices,types (windows,network,Linux etc.) ,test parameters configured for each devices etc.

I tried the below command but the output is not showing the type of devices and the 'unknown' and 'not reachable' devices in the console.

bveCLI.pl --host localhost --username superuser -password <password> --exec "test.list 'devicename=*','username=<username>'" --format csv --output c:\temp\file.csv

Please let me know if there is any modified command which will fulfill my requirement. Thanks in advance.

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    I use this documentation as core reference for the Traverse framework.

    I encourage you to utilize our helpdesk if you need further clarification or assistance.