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File/Folder Monitoring with Traverse

  • Hello,

    Has anyone put together a solution to monitor files or folders in Traverse? We would like to monitor the number and/or age of files in a folder to ensure a system is processing the data. Any guidance would be appreciated.



  • Hi Tim,

    Traverse currently does not have a built-in monitor for watching file/folders - either for content/size or existence. However I believe other Traverse users have built custom monitor to perform the same using our plug-in framework. The plug-in capability is ideally suited for this kind of task where you can use Powershell, Perl or any other language/tool of choice with appropriate logic and simply pass in a pass/fail condition to Traverse for alerting.

    At that point the DGE/DGE extension will run the plug-in monitor at the specified frequency and determine current status based on the value from the plug-in. You will find additional information about the plug-in framework at help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

    Regards - Rajib