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YOUR Techs running Kaseya Web Interface in Citrix. VNC Issues...

  • Hello.

    For those of you that are having their Techs use Citrix, and having them use the Kaseya Web Management Interface in Citrix, have you encountered the VNC issue?  We recently started configuring our Citrix server for Kaseya Web Interface, and everything works great except VNC.  While VNC works when only one technician is using it, if more than one Tech is using VNC each tech can accidentally steal the other's VNC connection without notice.

    Anyone else encounter this?  Any solutions to getting this to work?


  • This problem is related to the citrix/terminal server environment. The same issue appears when running VNC in terminal server. It seems when the VNC viewer is started the vncviewer.exe process is connected to the first users who started a vnc session. When another vnc session is started, it will be connected to the running vncviewer.exe which is connected to the first user who started this process.

    I had this problem already back in 2007/2008 (k5) and so it seems it is still not fixed.

  • We have this problem on our TS server as well.