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Remote Access for the clients

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I am getting ready to deploy IT Center to a new client who will be thrilled if I give a couple of them remote access to their Macs.  I'm no Mac expert and was wondering if you guys have some suggestions on the best way to do this.  Here are a couple of things i was thinking about. 

First I know I can go with a Logmein product or something similar.  I thought about the free logmein but I think transfering files will be important.  I'm not against giving them a price but would rather try a free solution.  I wondered if there is a way to either connect a Kaseya free account with an IT center agent so they can use my agent to give them remote access?  Or if I should just create a user for them in my IT center and only give them rights to remote access?  I was wondering if that would cost me $5 a month for an extra admin and how I could limit what computers they could access?


Let me know your thoughts.



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  • I haven't done any remote to Macs... well once, and I still dont know what I'm doing. Anyways  setting up client access from Kaseya is a snap... I would the remote access working first then worry about using Kaseya to allow customers