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KLC Limited mode replaces ALT-shortcut in

  • Hi,

    After updating to Kaseya as the suggestion from our Kaseya sales rep (from I've noticed that I can no longer access the old style agent tab view (with System Info, Remote Access, etc) by holding ALT when clicking on the circle icon for the agent. This shortcut into the older view was the one thing that made K2 palatable to me.

    This is a problem as so far I'm not impressed with Live Connect and instead have been using the old remote control this way. It appears this now brings up the Live Connect in "limited mode" instead of the previous behavior. I realize I can likely still get to it through the remote control section of the program however this shortcut will be sorely missed and there must be a way to change this behavior. Anything I'm missing here?


  • No, and its annoying that it wasn't mentioned anywhere, the functionality was taken away.

  • I gotta agree this is anoying. Hey K, any response to this?

  • I... didn't know that functionality was there. I'm sure it was pointed out somewhere along the way, I just missed it entirely.

    Great. Now I'm even less interested in applying 6.0.1!

  •  * thirteentwenty comforts the GreyDuck...

    it's OK I'll hang back on v6.0.0.1/3/7 with ya...

  • Let me see what I can find out for you guys.  

  • There was an Easter Egg in 6.0 where if you held down the Alt key and clicked on the Agent icon, Kaseya would pop up the old (5.1) Machine summary view.  In 6.0.1 audit has gotten a pretty significant face lift and the machine summary view is no longer available.  As mentioned above, holding down the ALT key and clicking the icon now brings up LC in Limited Mode.  At first I was a little disappointed myself because I liked the speed of the old Machine summary but the LC limited mode bypasses loading all the ActiveX controls and pops up just as fast.  It also has some nicer features.  Now that I've been using it for about a month, I find I like it better and don't think it should stop anyone from upgrading to 6.0.1.

  • I like the new Machine Summary view BUT they must add Remote Control access to this new view!

    In the Remote Control Menu you cant have any filters or change the sort order and that´s a problem for me.

  • Please fix this I used the Alt command all the time and we have just updated to

  • I agree. Adding a remote control option to the light version would be great.

  • I second Patrick's idea of making the remote control tab work on the "lite" version.  This could then use the older non KLC remote control.

  • I know this is an old topic but it slows us down a lot.  I opened a ticket back in October and got this.  

    Hi Jason,

    We will escalate this as a feature request to Kaseya Development. These concerns are not un-heard.


    Kaseya Support

  • i was also told it was to be released with 6.1 at some stage soon.  I hardly use live connect now cos it is so slow and remote from there is an  impossible laugh, as i usually have to remote i go straight to remote

    This is interesting

    If you goto Audit and Machine summary then remote control and then goto remote a machine but as soon as it starts click the back button and you get what looks like the old pre SP1 interface

    From a programming perspective I dont see that it would be that hard to put a lik on the limited live connect to go to this page.

    this is the link that needs to be put in, how difficult can this be.  


    Then live would be bliss.  limited is good to look at logs and audit stuff and if I can remote using this i would be in heaven

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  • I have live connect open with a little intro web page.  I added a link to this page as per later post and open with LC GUID.

    It opend in the window within the live connect,


    This then opens the old pre SP1 remote page with this machine


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  • Havent been able to work out how to get the GUID into the web link so here is my work around in the meantime

    Add a link to the live connect page

    Link name = Copy the agentguid number from the web address for this page and paste it at the end of this link for remote control

    Link URL =  https://YourKserver/AgentTab/singleMachineFrame.asp?AcctGuid=