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Show additional fields on Remote Control / Control Machine view

  • Is there anyway to add Computer Name along with existing Machine.Group ID on the Remote Control View?

  • Most of the time we force the Machine name to *be* the Computer Name so that this information would end up being redundant, but I can see where if you were allowing, them to be different it might be handy

  • Yes, in our case our Computer names are based on our domain and one of 3 subsets of user (admin, backoffice, and proprietaryname)   but our kaseya agent names are assigned to    cityname_username to easily find them for helpdesk activities.    

    But in this case, I have a new project and it'd be nice to see the machinename rather than hovering over hundreds of workstations to find it.

  • Are you an MSP or Corporate customer?

  • Corporate, 198 endpoints

  • 'K.. The reason I ask is that there might be a better way to accomplish what you are looking for.  What we do in a situation like this is to go ahead and have the Agent name match the Computer name.  Then we create subgroups specifically for the city, and then the logged in user shows up in the Current user column already.

    We're an MSP, but we commonly use this type of setup for our customer.  So for a customer with three locations, we'll have three machine groups (technically four since one contains all for that customer)..




    If you have a lot of laptop users who travel between them you can use the System->Naming Policies, to automatically move machines between the machine groups based on their Connection Gateway and IP range.  (The same place you force the machine name to match the agent name.).  

    With this type of setup you can change you "Machine Group" filter to be the specific City you are looking for, and then quickly find the Current user in the machines list.  (CTRL-F is your friend).  You can also create a column set under Manage Agents that shows the Last Logged In user, if you are trying to work on machine that don't have *anyone* logged in currently, and/or as part of the Agent profile, you can fill in the username that the machine is *assigned* to under Contact Name, and use that column as well.

    Overall I can say that for the most part my Tech's hardly ever use the Remote Control tab any longer unless they are trying to make sure no one else is remoted into the machine, they simply use the Manage Agents tab and click the "DOT" to start KLC or KRC.  This is why I've been personally asking for a way to show users remoted in to a system from somewhere *other* than the Remote Control tab.. We are finding less and less reasons to use that tab at all.